How to Cook German Bratwurst

cook german bratwurst
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You would think that there is only one way to cook bratwurst, which is grilling them. In Germany there are many different ways to cook Bratwurst. Find out in this article how you can change your recipe for Bratwurst and vary it. Happy Cooking!

How to Cook German Bratwurst

The Bavarian Weisswurst

Will be boiled in hot water only. That’s how they serve them in the beer gardens of Bavaria. You also can fry it after the sausage had been boiled in water for about 5 min. Make sure to let the sausages simmer other wise they will tear.

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The popular Currywurst is a fried Bratwurst or Weisswurst, and served with a special curry ketchup. It can be sliced up, that’s the way you would get the Currywurst at the German Sausages Carts. – How to make Curry Ketchup at Home –


Special Local Sausages

Other sausages like Thuringer, sausages from the Pfalz or Nuremberger will be fried either on a barbecue or in a skillet.

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Wiener or Frankfurter Sausages

They will be boiled only in water, and served with a roll, bread and mustard. Tastes very good when combines with a potato salad.

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Hopefully you are able to find and purchase some good Bratwurst in the USA. has some pretty authentic ones! Happy Cooking!

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Ingredients Cook German Bratwurst

4 sausages (Thuringer, Nuremberger, German Bratwurst)
2 tbsp mustard
clarified butter
curry powder

Cooking Instructions

– Place the sausages into a pot that is filled with water, so the sausages are covered.
– Bring to a brisk boil then reduce heat and let the sausages simmer for 5 minutes.
– Dry them with kitchen paper and spread mustard all over the sausages in a very thin layer (rub it in).
– Heat butter in a skillet, place sausages into the skillet and fry them on both sides until the skin is slightly crunchy.

Serve the sausages with mustard in a German bun or with German bread.


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