Underberg – 160 Years in the USA

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A German Tradition

It was in 1846 when Hubert Underberg, the founder of Underberg, launched a very special product into the market. This was 175 years ago. His special product was a natural herbal digestive with selected herbs from 43 countries. As of today it’s a secret ingredient list. The  “exciting” bitter taste  makes this digestive so unique, and it is a characteristic component.

After World War II, Emil Underberg, grandson of the company founder, had the idea of offering his product only in a single-portion bottle. He did not only want to protect Underberg‘s untampered condition, but he also wanted to offer a handy sized bottle that’s just right for immediate consumption. The overwhelming success confirmed that this was an excellent idea.

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Underberg as a company was from the beginning a family owned company and is now looking back to six generations. It can be found in  more than 100 countries with the main office located in the German city of Rheinberg.
The company’s primary focus is on innovation, the cultivation of quality, and the strive for excellence, and of source sustainability.

Underberg – 160 Years in the USA

Did you know that Underberg is available in the USA since 1860?
Only 20 years after Underberg was founded the first 50 Underberg cases were delivered to San Francisco. That San Francisco should show signs of growing affection for Underberg is historically appropriate: San Francisco is basically the catalyst that started everything – The first shipment of Underberg to the United States was placed in 1860 to San Francisco. This fine German herbal digestive fits very well into the city’s food and beverage culture.
In other words, from 1860 to modern times, Underberg associated with the gastronomy, the growth in the craft beer industry as well as mixology and the bitters movement. Indeed, it’s a perfect combination.
For 160 years Underberg has developed a genuine history and credibility in the USA. You can find the herbal digestive in special German stores, and of course online (see above).


  • contains only carefully selected and blended herbs that are tested in certified labs, applying more than 250 individual criteria.
  • is rich of natural and valuable antioxidants which are preserved by careful extraction.
  • is made with 44% vol. premium kosher alcohol used for the extraction of the herbal substances.
  • contains drinking water that is constantly monitored.
  • has no added sugar or caramel.
  • is gluten-free and is listed in the German Coeliac Society’s index.
  • has the certification as being kosher which is shown by the Orthodox Union (O.U.) symbol.
  •  is 100% NON-GMO

Underberg has only a couple Ingredients: Herbs, alcohol, water — nothing else! It stands for the purity law of the “Rheinberger Kräuter”.

Cooking With Underberg – Recipes

You may be surprised about the fact that you can use Underberg also for making delicious meals. The photos below show a little recipe selection Click here for more Recipes Using Underberg…
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