Whole Rye Double Sandwich – A German Snack

Whole Rye Double Sandwich - A German Snack

The Whole Rye Double Sandwich is a German snack which is healthy. In Germany we call sandwiches “Schnittchen” or “Belegtes Brot”, in some regions they call it “Stulle” or “Butterbrot”.
It is the ideal snack or a substitute for a lunch. But in Germany we like to have this kind of dishes for dinner. There’s a saying: Breakfast is like for an emperor; lunch is like for a king; dinner is like for a homeless. That means less food in the evening. It has become quite the opposite and dinners are big. If you like to try this sandwich use the bread from Delba which is Made in Germany (see below).  Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Whole Rye Double Sandwich

(for 1 sandwich)
1 egg
1 small spring onion
3 tbsp mayonnaise, salt, pepper to taste
5 slices English cucumber
1 smaller tomato or mini tomatoes
2 slices bacon (alternatively smoked or cooked ham)
2 slices German Whole Rye Bread (Vollkornbrot)
delba sunflower seed bread

Instructions Whole Rye Double Sandwich

– Boil the egg, put it in cold water for a short time (peels better).
– Wash onion, cut it in slanted slices.
– Mix onions with mayonnaise, add salt and pepper.
– Wash cucumber, cut vertically in half and with a spoon scratch out the seeds; cut it in slanted slices.
– Cut tomato in slices, peel the egg and cut as well in slices.
– Fry bacon until crispy.
– Spread one slice of bread with half of the mayonnaise, add slices of tomatoes and cucumbers, and half of the eggs.
– Spread mayonnaise on second slice of bread, add remaining egg and bacon and put it on the other slice.

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