German Cucumber Radish Sandwich

German Cucumber Radish Sandwich

The German cucumber radish sandwich is a typical German snack; that’s how we make the sandwiches. The best is to use German bread such as rye or whole wheat or the sunflower seed bread from Delba.
We have some great bread recipes on – Click here – Home made bread tastes the best! Vary the sandwich with different vegetables such as red and green pepper, chopped chives, spring onions or sprouts. In Germany we call such a sandwich a “belegtes Brot” which would be called in English an “open Sandwich”. Enjoy the German sandwich style as we do in Germany!

Ingredients German Cucumber Radish Sandwich

2 slices of bread (German rye, sunflower seed or whole wheat)
Cream cheese
2 radishes
salt, pepper to taste

delba sunflower seed bread


– Spread first butter then cream cheese evenly over each slice.
– Slice radishes and cucumber.
– Place on top of cream cheese.
– Spice with salt and pepper to taste.

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