Schnitzel with Camembert or Brie Cheese

schnitzel with camembert

What are we cooking today? Schnitzel with Camembert or Brie cheese that will be melted on top of the schnitzel and served with a spoonful of lingonberries or cranberries. So yummy! This is a great German dish for a dinner and is easy to make. It’s not quite clear from what part of Germany it is originating  but it is an authentic German recipe for sure. This combination of schnitzel, ham, Brie and a Bechamel sauce is very appealing. Try it out. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Schnitzel with Camembert

(4 servings – 2 Schnitzel for each serving)
8 pork schnitzel
salt, grated pepper to taste
2-3 tbsp flour
4 tbsp oil
4 slices cooked ham
125 g Camembert or Brie cheese
8 tsp cranberries or lingonberry sauce (make sure to use one without extra sugar or chemicals)

Bechamel Sauce
50 g butter
40 g flour
500 ml heavy cream
250 ml vegetable or beef broth (instant) – How to Make Beef Broth – 
1 tsp (German) mustard
salt, pepper to taste
250g mushrooms, fresh or canned, small size mushrooms

knorr gravy hunter sauce

Cooking Instructions Schnitzel with Camembert

– Wash the meat, and pat dry; you can pound it a bit; spice with salt and pepper. Turn both sides in flour.
– Heat oil in a skillet and brown Schnitzel briefly on all sides.
– Place the Schnitzel in a fire proof form.
– Cut sliced ham in half, cut Brie/Camembert in thin slices.
– On each meat slice place first the ham followed by the cheese.
– If you use cranberry sauce  place 1 tsp on top.

– Melt butter, add flour and while stirring, saute flour until light golden, then add heavy cream and broth bit by bit while stirring. Whisk very well  to avoid any clumps.
– Bring to a boil, reduce heat and let simmer for 4-5 min.
– Add mustard, spice with salt and pepper to taste, mix well.
– Prepare mushrooms, drain the can or wash fresh ones; you can slice them or just leave them as whole. Add them to the sauce.
– Pour the sauce over the meat.
– Bake in pre-heated oven for about 30-35 min on 350 F. If oven is not preheated the temperature is 320F.

Serve with pasta, fried potatoes or fresh bread.


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