Authentic Nuremberg Elisen Gingerbread

Authentic Nuremberg Elisen Gingerbread

This is a authentic Nuremberg Elisen Gingerbread Lebkuchen recipe from Germany that needs some specific ingredients but you can get them all in the USA. These Lebkuchen are supposedly the best ones. Of course you can buy them also ready made in the USA, imported from Germany, but there is nothing better than home baked Christmas cookies or Lebkuchen. The recipe is using Orangeat and Zitronat (candied orange and lemon peel)
Click here to find the recipe: How to make Orangeat and Zitronat –

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The US candied lemon and orange peel we found online is containing sulfur dioxide, high fructose and corn syrup, which is additional sugar, and these ingredients will alter the taste. So home made is much better or use products without any preservatives. Find above the recipe to make candied lemon and orange peel at home. Happy Baking!

Ingredients Authentic Nuremberg Elisen Gingerbread

10 eggs
1 kg hazelnuts, ground
800 g cane sugar
1 tsp lemon zest, organic
100 g each Zitronat and Orangeat  – How to Make Zitronat & Orangeat – also see below
1 tbsp cinnamon, ground
2 packages lebkuchen spice (each package 15g)
1 dash Hirschhornsalz (ammonium Carbonate) – find it here – 
60 wafers diameter 70mm (German Baking Oblaten) – find 70mm Oblaten here:
Wafer Papers for Baking – 100 round 70mm papers
200 g dark chocolate
chopped almond pieces or sliced almonds to decorate

The German Christmas Box Makes a Perfect Gift! – Find the Box here – 

german christmas box 2023

Baking Instructions

– Grind hazelnuts if you cannot get ground ones.
– Chop Orangeat and Zitronat fine.
– Combine all ingredients, knead until you get a smooth dough.
– Pre-heat oven to 200 C or 390 F, then reduce heat to 300F.
– Spread dough evenly on the wafers (1 layer).
– Bake on 150 C or 300 F for 30-45 min.
– Chop the chocolate and melt it in double boiler.
– Glaze the cooled off Lebkuchen with melted chocolate, or with a sugar frosting.
– Decorate with chopped or cut in halves almonds.

Note: The German recipe is using “Kuvertüre” for the chocolate layer. It is a chocolate glaze that comes in a pouch. – FIND IT HERE –
If you cannot get the Kuvertüre add 1-2 tsp shortening or neutral tasting coconut oil (expeller pressed) to the dark chocolate.

The best is to keep the Lebkuchen in a covered tin at a cool place.


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