Bavarian Dampfnudeln or Yeast Dumplings

bavarian dampfnudeln

Bavarian Dampfnudeln or Yeast dumplings is a traditional Bavarian dish. They are made out of a yeast dough and can contain eggs or not. You would make balls in the size of a fist and then cook them in a closed pot that contains some milk and butter (Bavarian version) or saltwater and grease (Pfalz version).

When cooked the right way the Dampfnudeln have a golden brown crust on the bottom. To get this crust use a pot that has a thick bottom or is made out of cast iron. They are cooked by the steam so you need to have a good lid on top of the pot. Recipe from our FB follower Ursula U. –  Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Bavarian Dampfnudeln

1 lb flour
1 egg
2 oz butter
1 oz yeast, dry or fresh
3 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
app. 1 cup milk

Additional milk and butter for cooking.

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Cooking Instructions Bavarian Dampfnudeln

– Crumble yeast in 1/2 cup lukewarm milk and stir until dissolved.
– Put flour into a warm bowl, make a well in the middle and pour in milk-yeast liquid, stir in some of the flour, the egg, mix well.
– Place bowl covered with a kitchen cloth near a warm oven so dough can rise.

– Let rise 5-10 min, then form 12-15 balls of mandarin size.
– Place them on a lightly floured baking sheet or cutting board. Keep a good distance in between the balls.
– Cover them with a clean kitchen towel, let rise again until size of the balls has doubled.
– It is extremely important to make the Dampfnudeln in a proper pot, preferably in a Dutch oven. The bottom of the pot should be thick and the lid should fit tight, size about 6-7 qt.

– Melt butter in a pan, add milk, sugar and salt, so the bottom is at least 1 inch covered.

Note: The dough balls should not be covered with milk!

– Put dumplings carefully into lukewarm milk (about 5 at one time), they will grow in size again. Let them rise more (about 10-20 min), then place lid on top and bring to a soft boil on medium heat.
– Then reduce heat to low and cook them for about 30 min until all milk is absorbed and the crust of the dumplings begins to make a “cracking” sound. If so reduce heat to lowest temperature,  for electric stoves you would turn the cooking plate off and leave on warm burner.
Important: Never open the lid during the cooking time!

bavarian dampfnudeln

– IDEAL RESULT: The Dampfnudeln should be light and fluffy with a nice crust on the bottom, and all the liquid should be absorbed.
– Let them remain in the closed pan for several more minutes. Carefully remove the lid so that the condensed water does not drip on them.
– Remove from the pan by using a wooden spoon and place the dumplings with the crust on top on a warm plate.

Serve with a warm vanilla or wine sauce (see recipe below). You can make the vanilla sauce  by using a regular small package vanilla pudding stirred into 3 cups of milk. Let simmer until thickened. Or use the ready made Vanilla Sauce from Dr Oetker.

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How to Make the Wine Sauce (Weinsosse)

4 egg yolks
2 eggs
320 g sugar
1 tbsp corn starch
1 Liter red wine

Instructions Wine Sauce

– Combine sugar, eggs, starch and some wine (1/4 liter) and mix very well.
– Pour rest of the wine into a pan that should be high, add the sugar-egg mix.
– Heat the sauce until it thickens – Important: Never bring to  a boil!
– Let cool off and serve warm.

– Check out the Recipe for Vanilla Sauce –

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Or Get the German Vanilla Sauce from Dr Oetker – Fast and easy to make without cooking – can be enjoyed cold or warm.
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  1. I am sure my Mom made these when we were kids. She served them with raspberries with their sauce.

  2. Dampfnudeln is one of my favorite desserts. They bring back many happy memories.