Dracula Bundt Cake – German Halloween Recipe

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Do you need a great Halloween recipe? Maybe for you Halloween party? Here is  the Dracula Bundt Cake, a German Halloween recipe. It is a German Bundt cake or as we say “Gugelhupf”, that you also can bake during the year. You would just not coat it with the red “blood” glaze but with, for example, a lemon glaze. This scary Halloween recipe will be the favorite at your party. If you cannot get red currant jelly use any red fruit jelly such as grape jelly. Or make your own out of cherry or red grape juice.  Happy Baking!

Ingredients Dracula Bundt Cake

1 can pine apple, in pieces,
250 g red currant jelly (Gelee)
Bon Maman Red Currant Jelly
200 g marzipan
250 g butter
250 g sugar
400 g flour, all purpose
4 medium sized eggs
0.5 oz baking powder
200 g powdered sugar
red food color – Find it here – 

Baking Instructions Dracula Bundt Cake

– Drain pineapple pieces. Mix with 50g red currant jelly in a pan and bring to a brisk boil. Let cool off.
– Chop marzipan, with the butter mix it until it is smooth.
– Add one egg after the other until you get a homogeneous dough.
– Mix flour with baking powder, add slowly to the marzipan dough. Fold in pineapple pieces carefully.
– Place dough in a greased Bundt Cake form, spread even on top.
– Bake cake in pre-heated oven on 180 C or 350 F for about 60-70 minutes.
– After baking time is over let cake for 10 minutes in the form, then place it on a baking grid and let it cool off.
– With a thick knitting needle poke holes into the cake; holes would be wider toward the top than down in the cake. Don’t poke through the cake!
– With a teaspoon or a syringe fill the remaining red currant jelly in the holes.
– Make  a glaze out of powdered sugar, eatable red color, water or pineapple juice and pour it over the cake.

This cake will be the favorite of your party!

Alternatively you can use such a spring form

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