German Cordon Bleu – Filled Pork Schnitzel

cordon bleu german style

The German Cordon Bleu can be made with different kinds of meat. You can use pork, veal, turkey or chicken. But the ham and the cheese would be used for every choice, and you need to batter the meat  in the style of a Wiener Schnitzel: The “panade” consists flour eggs and breadcrumbs.
The sequence is: First in flour, then eggs and finally in bread crumbs. I love it as a sandwich in between two slices of fresh baguette. Serve it with potato salad, vegetable mix and/or French fries. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients German Cordon Bleu

(serves 3-4)

6 slices pork schnitzel (alternatively you also can use chicken breast)
about 4-5 tbsp bread crumbs (natural, no spices)
2 medium size eggs
3 tbsp flour
6 slices cooked ham and 6 slices cheese such as Swiss Cheese, Gruyere
spices to taste:
– paprika powder (mild or sweet and hot),
– white and black pepper
– optional use the German spice called Fondor –
2 tbsp olive oil or clarified butter for frying

Paprika Powder is an essential spice in the German cuisine. The best is to use the “sweet and mild” paprika powder.

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Cooking Instructions German Cordon Bleu

– Wash the meat under running cold water. Pat dry with kitchen paper.
– Pound each slice.
– Mix all spices, fill them into an empty jar and mix well.
– Sprinkle the spice mix evenly on every side.
– Place on one schnitzel a slice of ham and a slice of cheese.
– Place the meat slices together and fix them with needles, the best is to use Rouladen needles, so they won’t fall apart.
german cordon bleu

– Beat eggs in a big enough deeper plate like a soup dish, and add some of the spice mix. Mix well.
– Place some flour on a different plate, and on another plate add the bread crumbs.
– Roll the Cordon Bleu first in flour, then in the eggs, finally in bread crumbs.
– The Cordon Bleu must be covered very well with bread crumbs.
– Heat oil in a big skillet and fry the meat slices from all sides, first on high heat, then reduce heat to medium.

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Gravy (Optional)
When the Cordon Bleu is done you can use the fond to make a delicious gravy:
– Bring the skillet briefly to high heat, ad a small chopped onion and saute until transparent, reduce heat to medium and add 100ml red wine and 150 ml water.
– Bring to a brisk boil, sieve in some flour, add salt, pepper and paprika powder to taste, bring again to a brisk boil.

Serve with potato salad, vegetables, red cabbage, French fries or fried potatoes.


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