German Gluten Free Almond Cake

german gluten free almond cake

This German gluten free almond cake is for you if you cannot have Gluten.
It is easy to make without needing special ingredients. Happy Baking!
If you cannot get blanched almond slices find them here: Sincerely Nuts Blanched Almonds Sliced 1 LB

Ingredients German Gluten Free Almond Cake

6 eggs (medium)
150 g heavy cream
150 g sugar
225 g powdered sugar
225 ground almonds (almond meal)
20 g almond slices (preferably blanched)
100 g soft butter

Baking Instructions

Make the Topping of the Cake (it’s similar to a pudding)
– Separate eggs.
– In a pan bring heavy cream and sugar to a brisk boil.
– Let cool off a bit, then add egg yolks.
– Beat while adding the egg yolks.
– Warm this cream in a pan until it thickens like a pudding, and important is don’t bring to a boil.
– Cover the surface of the cream right away with a sheet of plastic foil. This prevents that a skin on top will occur.

Make the Base Cake
– Beat egg white until firm, add powdered sugar while beating.
– Add ground almonds.
– Layer a spring form (diameter 26cm or 10 inches) with parchment paper.
– Spread base cake dough on top and bake for 10 min on 150 C or 300F convection (175 C or 350F)
– Let cool off in the form.

– Roast almond slices in a non-stick pan without adding any grease until they are of a light brown color.
– Beat soft butter until creamy, then add egg cream spoon by spoon.
– Remove cake from the form and place on a big enough plate.
– Spread pudding on top and add some almond slices and powdered sugar before serving.

Cake must be chilled for about 1 hour or until it is completely firm.

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