German Salmon Sandwich with Onions & Egg

german salmon sandwich

The German salmon sandwich is not really a sandwich as you might think. It’s also called an “open sandwich”, and in Germany we call it “Belegtes Brot” which is basically a slice of bread that is topped with cheese, cold cuts or fish such as salmon. It’s always buttered. That’s how the classic German sandwich is served. Makes a great snack or supper. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients German Salmon Sandwich

(makes 1 open sandwich)

1 hard boiled egg
1-2 slices of smoked Salmon
3-4 onion rings
natural cream cheese without spices
1 slice of German rye bread or a different bread such as sunflower seed bread
mild paprika powder, salt, white pepper to taste
butter for 1 slice

delba sunflower seed bread

Cooking Instructions

– Spread butter on the slice of bread evenly.
– On top spread cream cheese evenly.
– Place salmon slices on top.
– Cut hard boiled egg in slices.
– Place the egg slices and onion rings on top of salmon.
– Sprinkle with mild paprika powder, salt and white pepper to taste.
– If you like decorate with some cherry tomatoes and basil leaves.

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