Grog – German Alcoholic Hot Drink for Cold Winter Days

german grog

Grog is a German alcoholic drink that us very common in the North of Germany. It used to be a a drink that the men at sea would enjoy. Grog is served mainly during the cold winter season, and became a very popular drink in the mountain skiing regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can order it in every skiing chalet.

Admiral Edward Vernon introduced it to the Royal Navy in the year of 1740 when the sailor’s water was rationed on their journeys. To keep it drinkable they added rum to the water which makes it last forever! Admiral Vernon wore a cape that was made out of “Grogram”, a rough fabric of silk and wool and was nicknamed Old Grogram or Old Grog, hence the name. Serve it in glass cups or, as the photo below shows, in special cup holders because the drink is super hot! Enjoy this drink!

Ingredients Grog

1/8 liter Cognac, Arrak or dark rum  (or to taste) – 0.5 cups
80 g sugar (2-3 tbsp) or to taste
3/4 liter boiling water – 0.75 cups
some lemon juice (optional)

Cooking Instructions

It is very simple:
Mix sugar and alcohol fast with the hot water and serve it right away.


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