Herring Salad – German Hang Over Breakfast

herring salad

New Years Day is the perfect day for a herring salad because in general New Years parties come along with lots of drinking, so the next day is a hang over day. Now we need a “Katerfruehstueck” which means in English “hangover breakfast”. A herring salad is a typical hangover breakfast because it is sour and zesty – just right for such a breakfast. Happy New Year!!

Ingredients Herring Salad

2 eggs
2 tbsp apple juice
sour cream, natural yogurt
salt, ground black pepper, 1 pinch sugar
1/2 bundle dill
2 onions
2-3 pickles preferably German pickles
2 medium sized apples
8 pickled herrings each one 50g – Find it Here – 

Cooking Instructions Herring Salad

– Boil eggs, keep them for some seconds in cold water and peel them.
– Drain pickles but keep the pickle liquid.
– Mix mustard, yoghurt, sour cream, 4 tbsp pickle liquid and apple juice.
– Spice with salt, sugar and black pepper; cut dill fine and add it.
– Cut onions in rings, apples in small pieces.
– Chop herring in smaller pieces, eggs in small quarters.
– Mix onions, pickles, apples, herring and eggs carefully (it should not get mushy).
– Cover the bowl and let salad in the fridge for at least 1 hour (preferably up to one day; make it the evening before and it will be just right for the party, or the day before for New years Day).
– Before your serve the salad try it and spice it again if necessary.


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