How to make Frankfurter Ribs

Recipe for Frankfurter Rippchen or Frankfurter Ribs

To make the Frankfurter ribs you need to cure them first with the help of curing salts. The usage of curing salts is for food preservation to prevent or slow spoilage by bacteria or fungus.
Curing salts are generally a mixture of table salt, sodium nitrite and sometimes sodium nitrate. Common types of curing salts are Prague powder #1, which is 6% sodium nitrite and 94% table salt, and Prague powder #2 which also includes sodium nitrate. If you want to keep the color of the meat you would add an additive which is sodium nitrite or nitrate.
This is a proven recipe from Germany. Happy Cooking!

frankfurter ribs

(for 2 ribs)
50 g curing salt
3 juniper berries
1 bay leave
1 shot red wine
2 pork chops from the crest

Cooking Instructions How to Make Frankfurter Ribs

– Weigh salt and with water fill it up to 500 g in a big pot.
– Squeeze juniper berries and add with bay leave to the liquid.
– Bring to a boil, let cool off.
– Add red wine.
– Place meat into a freezer bag, then add curing liquid. Close bag tight.
– Keep it in the fridge for 4-5 days.
– Drain, then cook pork chops in slightly salted water for 30 min.


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