Pork Roast Franconia Style

pork roast franconia

Learn today how to make a pork roast Franconia Style. The Frankenland or Franconia has many hearty and traditional recipes that we love. The roast will be cooked in the oven and comes with a thick and tasty sauce that contains bread and vegetable. Of course serve the dish with red cabbage and home made dumplings. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Pork Roast Franconia Style

(serves 4-6)
Pork roast, 2 kg
2 onions and 2 carrots
750 ml vegetable broth
500 ml dark beer (it should not be bitter, some use Köstritzer Schwarzbier)
2 slices bread (original recipe is using “Graubrot”, a bread made out of rye and wheat flour, that should be 2 days old)
salt, pepper, mild paprika to taste
caraway seeds, ground or whole
German pork roast spice mix from EDORA – tastes very good but it’s optional

Cooking Instructions Pork Roast Franconia Style

– Spice the meat generously with salt, pepper and paprika evenly on all sides.
– Chop onions fine, carrots should be cut in bigger pieces.
– Pre-heat oven to 200 C or 390 F.
– Brown the meat in a bigger fire proof roast pan evenly but be careful and watch it because the spices will become black on high heat. So turn the meat fast.

– Add the onions and carrots during the frying process and brown them as well briefly.
Important: The taste depends on the browning of the meat and the onions, and determines the quality of the sauce as well.
– At the end place the bread pieces around the meat and the caraway seeds.
– When the roast is nicely browned place the pan into the oven for 30 minutes then reduce heat to 350 F (180 C).

– Now prepare the broth by following this recipe – How to make a Vegetable Broth – or use instant broth (we don’t recommended the US packaged broths). You can use half vegetable and half beef broth as well.
– While the roast is cooking add in small amounts more broth and beer. Cover the bread with the liquid. It must become very soft and should be completely cooked to a pulp.
– Monitor the roast during the next 2 hours by using a cooking thermometer.
– Cooking time is between 3-3.5 hours (for 1 kg meat it is about 2 hours).
– When the meat is done place it on a board. The meat is done when the temperature shows 85 C or 185 F.
– Remove carrots from the sauce and puree with a stick mixer. The bread will thicken the sauce and it should have a dark brown color.

Serve the roast with potato dumplings and red cabbage – Recipe: How to make German Red Cabbage –

german dumpling mixes dr knoll

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