Topkiss Burger – The Ultimate Sweet German Snack

The Topkiss Burger or Mohrenkopf Brötchen in German was and still is the ultimate snack for every German child. Everyone who grew up in Germany or has lived there for a while knows this snack. This German recipe – it is actually not a “real” recipe – brings back sweet memories of the childhood.

topkiss burger
Back then there was this little grocery store on my way to school, and every day we stopped to get a roll that had a Mohrenkopf (chocolate marshmallow or Topkiss) in the middle. That was our snack for school. Everyone loved it.
Mohrenkopf or Topkiss is a sweetened cream on a soft waffle base and coated with a thin layer of chocolate. A little bit similar to marshmallows but much softer.

topkiss burger

How to Make the Topkiss Burger

– Get or bake your buns (see recipe for home made buns below) and cut them in half.
– Spread butter on one half (optional)
– Place a topkiss on the buttered half and cover it with the other half of the bun.
– Then with both hands squeeze the two bun halves together so the topkiss gets smashed.

See the recipe of How to make German bread or rolls

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