Dec 182014
Riesling Soup

The Riesling Soup is an authentic German soup that becomes a festive holiday soup with a hint of cinnamon. If you can get a bottle of German Riesling this soup will be the perfect starter for your holiday menu. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Riesling Soup 1 onion (small-medium) 1 tbsp butter 1/8 liter Riesling (brut) 3/4 … read more …

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Dec 112014
Butter Cookies from Scratch

Butter cookies from scratch are not only great for Christmas! You can enjoy them at any time of the year. For Valentines Day use heart shaped cookie cutters and sprinkle the top with red cookie decorations. What to do with the egg yolks when baking Christmas cookies? If you make the German hazelnut or coconut … read more …

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Dec 022014
Spitzbuben Cookies

Spitzbuben cookies are a traditional German Christmas cookie and some call them “Johannes Taler” or “Hildabrötle” or “Linzer Augen”. The name might come from the 30 year war from 1618-1648 when the people did not have much to eat. The baker Johannnes von Redsburg created a sweet bread which he spread with jam and gave it to … read more …

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Dec 022014
German Cinnamon Cookies

German cinnamon cookies are great cookies for the holidays and Christmas. Germany is the country of Christmas traditions and baking before Christmas is very popular. Of course you can get all these nice Christmas cookies in the bakeries, still it is fun to bake your own Christmas cookies. The cinnamon cookies should be kept in … read more …

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Nov 202014
Cherry Crumble Cake

Cherry crumble cake is a German “Streuselkuchen” with sour cherries. It is extreme easy to make and baking beginners will love it. You need sour cherries and they sell them for example at trader Joe’s and for sure at Aldi. You also can get them online. The recipe asks for starch and in Germany we … read more …

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Nov 182014
Christmas Cocoa Cookies

Christmas Cocoa Cookies are German Christmas cookies and are very easy to make. Germany is famous for its Christmas cookies. It is a tradition to bake and have Christmas cookies on December 24, the “Heilig Abend” when the “Christkind” brings the gifts. Happy Baking! Ingredients 125 g butter 200 g sugar 2 eggs 50 g cocoa … read more …

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Nov 142014
German Holiday Dessert

The German Holiday Dessert is the perfect ending for a German Christmas dinner. You need Lebkuchen, sour cherries and quark. Lebkuchen can be made – find the recipe for Lebkuchen here – quark can be made – find the recipe How to make quark – and sour cherries you can find at Trader Joes, Aldi … read more …

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