Aug 292016
Creamy German Herb Soup Frankfurt Style

The creamy German herb soup is using the same herbs as you would use for the popular Frankfurt Green sauce – Find the recipe for the Green Sauce here – It’s a delicious soup with different herbs such as parsley, chives, dill, borage and some more (see in ingredients the herb mix). Happy Cooking! Ingredients … read more …

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Aug 262016
Authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue - From Switzerland

If you have visited Switzerland before you have tried the Authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue for sure. It is the national dish of Switzerland and can be found in every Swiss restaurant. You can make it at home. The best is to use original Swiss cheese (Emmenthaler and Gruyere) and the obligatory Kirsch schnaps. The cheese … read more …

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Aug 262016
German Rahmschnitzel - Served with Creamy Sauce

The German Rahmschnitzel is a very easy German meat dish. It’s just delicious for a festive menu. You can use pork or veal schnitzel, the best is pre-cut. It’s a popular German dish that can be found on many restaurant menus. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Rahmschnitzel 4 veal schnitzel (alternatively pork) salt and pepper to … read more …

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Aug 262016
Baked Pastry Case for German Fruit Cakes

To make the German fruit cakes you need to have a baked pastry case. It is a German recipe for the so called “Tortenboden” which is made out of the so called “Muerbeteig”.  This is a dough that needs to be kneaded. It is a firm dough which can be used to make cookies as … read more …

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Aug 252016
Easy German Plum Cake Using Damson Plums

With this Easy German Plum Cake you will get a lot of compliments. It is a great German cake, proven and authentic. You should use the special plums such as Damson, Italian plums. The regular soft, round plums are not very useful for this cake. It’s a wonderful cake for the Sunday Coffee and Cake … read more …

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Aug 242016
German Zwiebelfleisch - Viennese Roast Beef

The German Zwiebelfleisch – Viennese Roast Beef or also called Zwiebelrostbraten is a classic German dish that is served in many regions of Germany, like in Franconia, Thuringia, Berlin, Hessen, Swabia or Vienna. If you would translate it literally it means “onion-topped roast beef with gravy”. The recipes vary by region. I want to feature … read more …

Aug 232016
German Italian Plum Dumplings

The German Italian Plum Dumplings is a sweet dish called “Zwetschgenknoedel” in German and whoever had been living in Germany might know this delicious dish. You need to enjoy them warm, with melted butter and sprinkle a cinnamon-sugar mix on top. As far as we know Italian plum dumplings are actually from Austria (the Austrian recipe contains potatoes), and … read more …