Apr 202016
Fried Potatoes Thuringia Style

The Fried Potatoes Thuringia style use as many dishes from “Thueringen” caraway seeds and marjoram. The caraway seeds can be ground too if you don’t like the strong taste when you bite on a seed. In Germany you have quite  a lot of potato “brands”. We recommend for fried potatoes to use the Gold potatoes … read more …

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Apr 182016
Cherry Cake from the Black Forest

The cherry cake from the Black Forest is called “Kirschplotzer” and comes from the region Baden. That’s the region from Freiburg to Karlsruhe. You would use the regular sweet cherries for this cake. It is also using rolls which need to be 1-2 days old. Don’t use fresh rolls. Alternatively baguette or French bread can … read more …

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Apr 072016
Potato Dumplings Spessart Style

The potato dumplings Spessart style come as the name states from the region Spessart in Germany. The Spessart is a medium mountain range (Mittelgebirge) in the German states Bavaria and Hessen. The mountains Vogelsberg, Rhön and Odenwald are at the border. The highest Spessart mountain is the Geiersberg with 586 meter.  Interestingly it was the … read more …

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Apr 042016
White Asparagus Recipe Easy and Simple

This white asparagus recipe is easy and simple but also healthy as it is not using any additional water to cook the asparagus. It will be steamed in its own liquid which is the best way as all the nutrients will be available and won’t get lost while boiling it in water. If you cannot … read more …

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Apr 042016
Crunchy Fried Potatoes

The crunchy fried potatoes are not just the regular fried potatoes, this is a different recipe. If you like the fried potatoes not mushy this is the right German fried potato recipe for you! Happy Cooking! Ingredients 600 g potatoes, preferably Gold potatoes or potatoes that are not floury 1 onion sunflower or olive oil … read more …

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Mar 222016
German Easter Cake

The German Easter Cake is an easy to make cake with a light and moist filling containing raisins or alternatively sour cherries. Originally the recipe is from Switzerland but it became quite popular in Germany as well. Happy Baking! Ingredients Easter Cake Base Cake: 200 g flour all purpose Weizenmehl 1/2 tsp salt 100 g … read more …

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Mar 162016
German Creamy Savoy Cabbage

German creamy savoy cabbage is a side dish that is wonderful with ham or any sausages and potatoes such as mashed or fried potatoes. Savoy cabbage is very popular in Germany and I could also find it in US super markets. You will like this authentic and proven German recipe. Happy Cooking! Ingredients 1 small … read more …

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