May 232016
German Mini Fried Cheese Balls

This is another original German recipe that is using quark, the popular fresh cheese that we use for a lot of cakes and desserts. You can find information about quark and how to make it at home  on (see below at ingredients). The mini fried cheese balls are made with quark and will be … read more …

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May 232016
The Best German Marzipan Brownie Recipe

Have you ever looked for the best German Marzipan Brownie Recipe? Here it is. It’s an original German recipes that you will love using chocolate and marzipan. The best is to use raw marzipan but we found out that the so called German marzipan potatoes (Marzipankartoffeln) can be used too! Sometimes there are marzipan leftover … read more …

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May 112016
How to make Authentic Apple Strudel

Have you ever asked yourself how to make authentic apple strudel? Maybe you had the “Apfelstrudel” when you were in Germany or Austria, or you were lucky and got a home made piece of this delicious cake that is actually of Hungarian origin.. This following German recipe for apple strudel is authentic as it is … read more …

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May 102016
German Liver with Apples and Onions

German liver with apples and onions is a German specialty and very popular. Some add instead of sliced apples, sliced pine apples. This is a tasty combination. This recipe does not contain soaking the liver in milk before cooking. If you don’t like the strong taste of liver we recommend to use this little German … read more …

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