Jan 282015
Sweet Plum Casserole

The Sweet plum casserole is a perfect German dessert as we love it in Germany. You can also make this German dish for a sweet supper. It is been said that a healthy nutrition would only allow a light sweet dish for dinner as such dishes are the best for digestion. It might be true. … read more …

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Jan 272015

Grog is a German alcoholic drink that us very common in the North of Germany as it used to be a seaman’s  drink. It is served mainly in winter, and became very common in the mountain skiing regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Admiral Edward Vernon introduced it to the Royal Navy in 1740. Back … read more …

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Jan 262015
German Potato Carrot Soup

The German potato carrot soup is probably the easiest soup to make on this website! You don’t need any special ingredients. I recommend to use organic carrots and potatoes – it’s a yummy soup for cold days! Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Potato Carrot Soup 1 onion 1 garlic clove 1 tbsp butter 500 g potatoes … read more …

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Jan 192015
German Potato Dish Pillekuchen

The German potato dish Pillekuchen or Pillekooken, Pillekauken, Pinnekuchen, Pinnekeskuchen or Leinewebers Pfannkuchen, is a German potato specialty from the region Nord-Rhine Westfalia (Nordrheinwestfalen) around Leverkusen, Wuppertal, Remscheid and Solingen and the Rhineland. It is a very inexpensive dish and you won’t find it in the restaurants. It is related to the Swiss dish Roesti and the Spanish Tortilla. Practically … read more …

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Jan 172015
Semolina Soup from Baden

Semolina soup from Baden or “Badische Griessuppe” is a delicious soup specialty from Baden-Würtemberg, from the region Baden. If you cannot get semolina, you can use polenta instead. Durum semolina is from wheat and binds the soup nicely and it is used in Germany for many soups, cakes and desserts as well. Polenta is from … read more …

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Jan 062015
Mixed Salad with Schnitzel Stripes

The Mixed salad with Schnitzel stripes is a fabulous German salad. It can be one complete meal but you can also use it as the first course for a festive menu. In Germany mixed salads are very popular and of course Schnitzel too. I love this combination because I can choose if I want the … read more …

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