Sep 232016
Sauerkraut Westphalia Style - Authentic German

The Sauerkraut Westphalia Style is an authentic German recipe from the region Westphalia (Westfalen). You can use pre-cooked or raw Sauerkraut for this dish. Make sure you get natural Sauerkraut without any preservatives or other chemicals (will alter the taste). Sauerkraut always tastes the best the next day or when warmed up several times. Serve … read more …

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Sep 222016
Potato Leek Gratin - Best German Casserole

The potato leek gratin is an authentic German recipe that you will love. It is very easy to make and you don’t need any special ingredients. Perfect for a dinner. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Potato Leek Gratin 1 kg potatoes 3 leek 2 garlic cloves 1 small onion 1 cube instant vegetable broth 2 eggs 100 … read more …

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Sep 202016
Cucumber Salmon Appetizer - German Party Food

The holiday season brings parties and festive occasions. We found a great appetizer: Cucumber Salmon Appetizer. It’s an authentic German recipe, and not difficult at all. This appetizer will make your party successful. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Cucumber Salmon Appetizer 200 g cream cheese 200 g smoked salmon 1 tbsp quark or natural yogurt 1 tbsp … read more …

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Sep 192016
Pan Roasted Schaschlik Skewers with Spicy Sauce

Today learn how to make the Pan Roasted Schaschlik Skewers. In a different recipe we showed how to barbecue them, a different recipe is about how to make Schaschlik as a pot roast dish. It’s a Eastern dish which hs gained a lot of popularity in Germany. You can find it in special Turkish street … read more …

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Sep 192016
Rhineland Potato Specialty Kesselsknall

The Rhineland potato specialty Kesselsknall is a regional dish from the Rhineland which is the region around Dusseldorf, Cologne, Bonn and Koblenz, and further down. It is one of the most picturesque and unique region of Germany. Along the Rhine  you can find old castles, wineries, lovely old towns and villages, and everything which are attributes of … read more …

Sep 192016
German Potato Celery Salad - Lean and Easy

German potato celery salad  is a light and healthy German salad that can be made in any season. It is a good recipe if you are counting the calories: A portion has only 263 calories, and contains 10 g protein, 13 g fat and 25 g carbs. This is a wonderful salad that is easy … read more …

Sep 152016
Palatschinken Recipe - An Austrian Pancake Specialty

If you like pancakes you will like the Palatschinken recipe. Palatschinken are thin pancakes similar to the French crêpe and much thinner then the American pancakes. Palatschinken are made with eggs, wheat flour, milk, and salt, frued in a pan with butter or oil. You can fill the Palatschinken if you like, and enjoy them … read more …

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Sep 142016
German Cherry Dessert - Kirschmichel

Germany comes up with many sweet dishes that can be a dessert or will be enjoyed as a sweet main meal. One of these delicious recipes is the German Cherry Dessert or in German “Kirschmichel”. You can use fresh or canned cherries. It’s baked in the oven and can be compared a bit to the … read more …

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