Dec 082016
German Christmas Apple Cake - Festive Cake

This festive German Christmas Apple Cake or a “Torte” in German is perfect for your holiday menu. Because it is a “Torte” which is higher than a regular cake you would need a cake ring. The original recipe is using German gelatin and vanilla sauce which we also recommend to use. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German … read more …

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Dec 052016
Weckmann out of Yeast Dough for Christmas Holidays

The Weckmann out of yeast dough is a sweet bread that is also called “Stutenkerl, Grittibänz or  Klausenmann”. The following recipe is a universal recipe, and can be used for all kinds of other bread and bun specialties. You can make raisin rolls or braided sweet bread (Zopf), or use it as the base for … read more …

Dec 052016
Underberg Recipes - Cooking with Underberg

The herbal German digestive “Underberg” has a tradition indeed, and its story began in 1846 when Hubert Underberg married Katharina Albrecht and founded the company Underberg-Albrecht at the Town Hall of the German city Rheinberg.  Years before Mr Underberg started to develop a drink that was more defined that the herbal elixirs he found in … read more …

Dec 052016
Onion Soup Recipe - Authentic German Recipe

This is an onion soup recipe that you will like and it is a German recipe. The most onion soups are made with white wine, toasted bread and cheese. Today I wanted to create a different onion soup, and I made one which is easy to digest and very light. It contains potatoes, celery, and instant … read more …

Dec 052016
German Holiday Butter Cookies - Easy Recipe

If you are looking for a fast and easy German cookie recipe here is one: The German Holiday Butter Cookies. They are also called “Butterbatzen”. It’s a traditional and classic Christmas cookie recipe. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Holiday Butter Cookies 220 g flour 30 g starch (corn starch or Gustin) 120 g sugar 1 package … read more …

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Dec 052016
German Marzipan Quark Stollen - Christmas Recipe

Ingredients German Marzipan Quark Stollen 375 g raisins 100 ml rum or apple juice 375 g flour 4 tsp baking powder 125 g sugar 1 package vanilla sugar 0.3oz – How to make Vanilla Sugar – vanilla or rum flavoring if you used apple juice (1 little bottle or 1/2 tsp) 1/4 tsp cardamom 1 … read more …

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Dec 052016
German Cinnamon Star Cookies - Classic Christmas Specialty

German Cinnamon Star cookies are the wonderful German Christmas cookies. The Cinnamon Stars are traditional Christmas cookies and the recipe is easy to make. You can buy them in almost every German bakery before Christmas. Unfortunately not in the USA but you always can make them at home. Get a a star shaped cookie cutter and … read more …

Dec 022016
Original German Butter Stollen Thuringia Style

This recipe for the original butter stollen Thuringia style is an authentic recipe from Germany.  In the region of Thuringia this special stollen is a local specialty for Christmas and it can be named only stollen from Thuringia when it has gotten a certification based upon very strict qualifications! Happy Baking! Ingredients Original German Butter … read more …

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Nov 282016
Original Dresdner Stollen - Christmas Specialty

Learn today how to make Original Dresdner Stollen which is a traditional Christmas cake in Germany since centuries,  and this is an authentic German recipe. The “Dresdner Stollen” is popular all over the world.  This German cake has its own history. Have you ever asked yourself what it is actually symbolizing? The form of the … read more …