Asparagus with Herb Butter

Asparagus with Herb Butter

Learn how to make a very simple dish: Asparagus with Herb Butter. It can be made with white or green asparagus.  The special herb butter is either made from scratch (see recipe link below) or you can use the popular herb butter seasoning from EDORA. In any case enjoy this simple meatless dish – Happy Cooking!

Asparagus with Herb Butter

Ingredients Asparagus with Herb Butter

(serves 4)
28 white asparagus (alternatively green)
1 tsp salt and sugar
100 g butter
60 g herb butter

german seasonings

Cooking Instructions

  • Peel asparagus.
  • Place 7 asparagus on a large sheet of parchment paper. Repeat with remaining ones. You won’t cook them all at once.
  • Sprinkle with some sugar and salt.
  • Melt 100 g butter and drip over the asparagus
  • Fold the parchment paper so the asparagus is been in a package.
  • Place the packages on a baking tray and cook for 40 min on 200 C or 390 F (cooking time may vary as it depends on the thickness of the asparagus). You may want to test if they are done.
  • Meanwhile make the herb butter – Go to the Recipe – 
    herb butter krauterbutter
  • When done place each package on a plate and open it. Pour the melted herb butter evenly over the asparagus.
  • Serve with fresh baguette.

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