Authentic German Brussels Sprout Soup

The Authentic German Brussels Sprout Soup is made out of delicious Brussels sprouts. A great winter seasonal vegetable that is now available in every super market and farmers market. The green cabbage alike veggie makes a very tasty soup. This soup can be the starter for a festive menu, or you can make it for a light supper. All ingredients can be found in your local super market, and it is very easy to make.
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authentic german brussels sprout soup


Ingredients German Brussels Sprout Soup

150 g Bacon or German Speck, preferably a slice 1 inch thick
3 small onions
3 tbsp oil
600 g brussels sprouts (fresh or 2 packages frozen)
3/4 l vegetable broth
1/4 l heavy cream
Pepper, nutmeg, salt
2-3 tbsp parsley, chopped

Cooking Instructions German Brussels Sprout Soup

– Cut bacon in fine cubes.
– Peel onions and chop fine.
– In a pan heat the oil and fry the bacon, add onions and saute them until transparent.
– Using frozen Brussels sprouts: Add one frozen package and fill up with the broth; let boil on lower heat for 20 minutes.
– Using fresh Brussels sprouts: Wash and remove old leaves; cut into halves; add 300 g to the bacon with the broth and let cook until the Brussels sprouts are soft.
– Puree the soup and add heavy cream; spice to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
– Add remaining Brussels sprouts and add them to the soup; let simmer on low heat for another 15-20 minutes.
– Chop parsley very fine and sprinkle over the soup.

Serve with fresh bread.

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