German Baumkuchen Recipe – Most Special Cake

german baumkuchen recipe

Find out today how to make the most special cake there is. We found an authentic German Baumkuchen recipe that is called in English “tree cake” because of all the layers as you can see in a tree.
It is a heavenly cake! In Germany the Baumkuchen is sold in many bakeries and Cafes. If you cannot get this cake from a bakery, you have to bake it, and it is actually not so difficult.
The cake has about 10 layers which are roasted under the broiler.  The recipe is based upon the video that is at the end of the recipe. Happy Baking!

Ingredients German Baumkuchen Recipe

250 g butter, very soft or molten
250 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar 0.3oz  – How to make Vanilla sugar –
3 tbsp orange juice
6 eggs (4 separated, 2 whole)
1 orange, organic
150 g flour
100 g starch
1 package Dr oetker baking powder – 0.5oz
1 tbsp rum flavor
(alternatively 3 tbsp amaretto liquor or dark Rum)
200 g semi-sweet chocolate for the glaze

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Baking Instructions

(see also the video below)
– Separate 4 eggs.
– Combine molten (very soft) butter with 175 g sugar, 2 whole eggs, vanilla sugar, rum flavor and 4 egg yolks.
– Mix for about 4-5 min with hand mixer until creamy.
– Through a sieve add starch, baking powder and flour.
– Beat egg whites with a dash of sugar, then add remaining 75 g of sugar bit by bit while beating the egg whites ( see built up pointy and stiff peaks on the mixer).
– Fold into dough with a spatula.

– Start broiler of your oven (lowest level). Preheat oven.
– Layer bottom of a spring from with parchment paper. Just place parchment over the bottom and close with form.

– Spread about 2 tbsp of the dough on top of the bottom, spread even with a cake lifter (server).
– Roast the dough on the lowest grid for about 2 min (sugar needs to caramelize) on 220 C or
420 F. Distance should be 10 inches from the form to heating spiral.
– Repeat this until the entire dough is baked in layers. You can see in the video that the layers are very thin.
– Always watch the cake layers while baking so they won’t get brown.
– When cake layers are done let cool off before removing from the form.
– Carefully place each layer upside down on a baking grid, remove parchment paper.

– Melt chocolate  by using the double boiler method, and spread evenly on top and all around the sides of the cake.
– Smooth out the chocolate with a spatula.

The most special cake of this world is ready now!

The video below provides the recipe and also instructions in English.

Thank you to “Was Koche Ich Heute”


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