German Filled Roasted Goose

The German filled roasted goose is a traditional food specialty for Christmas. In Germany they import the geese from Poland, about five million each year. Mugwort is the typical herb that is used for roasting the goose and you can get it dried on Amazon. Frozen geese can be found in specialty super markets of the USA (such as Sprouts Market). Hard to find in the regular California super markets. Per the tradition the goose is served on Dec 24 or Dec 25. Happy Cooking!

german filled roasted goose

Ingredients German Filled Roasted Goose

1 goose (3-4 kg)
dried mugwort
lemon juice, salt, pepper to taste

400 g potatoes
1 tbsp butter
1 big onion
1 heart, 1 liver from the goose
1/8 l heavy cream
chopped parsley
marjoram, salt and pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions German Filled Roasted Goose

– wash goose inside and outside, remove all inner parts; then spice inside and outside with salt, pepper, mugwort and lemon juice. Rub all the ingredients evenly into the skin.
– boil peeled potatoes until they are a little bit soft, cut in cubes; chop parsley and onions and fry in butter.
– chop liver and heart fine and add to onions, add potatoes>
– mix heavy cream with egg and add to onion-potatoes, don’t bring to boil.
spice with salt, pepper, marjoram and fill it into the goose.
– place goose with breast on bottom into a frying pan that is filled with water about 4 inches high.
– roast in pre-heated oven on 390 F.
– Baste it regularly – cooking time is 50 minutes per kg – turn goose after half of the cooking time.
–  when goose is done remove it from the pan, remove the grease then add water, dust with flour and let it thicken on low temperature.

Tip: Decrease heat after 1/3 of the cooking time to 350 F and cover it with one sheet of foil, this helps to keep the goose juicy but the cooking time would increase.


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