German Home Made Basic Gravy – Light or Brown

german home made basic gravy

Ingredients German Home Made Basic Gravy

3 medium sized onions
100 g butter or clarified butter (or margarine)

as needed, for example:
– Red wine, Port wine makes a dark gravy
– Curry, coconut milk makes a curry gravy
– spices of your choice

Cooking Instructions German Home Made Basic Gravy

  • Chop onions fine, fry in butter on high heat.
  • after 3 min when onions are visibly dryer add 2-3 tbsp water, stir well. You should see that onions get darker.
  • Let the water evaporate, saute onions, after 2 min add again 2 tbsp water, stir well. Do this for 4-5 times at same temperature until onions are dark brown.
  • From this point on you can decide if you want a light or dark gravy. Use red wine, port wine, herbs or spices of your choice (salt, pepper, paprika, etc). Add heavy cream for a light and creamy version.
  • Puree with a stick mixer.
  • Should the sauce not have the desired thickness you can mix some cornstarch with some cold water and add it but a brown sauce  would get lighter with this.


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