German Vegetable Lasagne – Vegetarian Recipe

Like in every country, lasagne is also very popular in Germany, and we have a special recipe for  this dish. I guess every country has this basic Italian dish adapted and made its own version of it. Learn today how to make the German vegetable lasagne. The lasagne contains many different vegetables, is topped with mozzarella and a creamy cheese sauce. It is the perfect party food.  Happy Cooking!

german vegetable Lasagne

Ingredients German Vegetable Lasagne

(serves 4)
250 g pre-cooked lasagne leaves

For the Filling

500 g fresh or canned chopped tomatoes
2 onions
5 tbsp chopped parsley
250 g mozzarella
2 tbsp olive oil
450 g frozen vegetable or fresh (zucchini, broccoli, green or red pepper, carrots, celery, etc.)
1 tbsp dried oregano
salt, pepper to taste

For the Sauce
60 g butter, 60 g flour, 3/4 l milk, 1 tbsp instant vegetable broth, 100 g grated Parmesan cheese

Cooking Instructions German Vegetable Lasagne

– Using fresh tomatoes: Boil water, with a knife cut a cross into the part where the stem is. Place tomatoes in a bowl, pour hot water over them. Leave in the hot water for 30 seconds to a minute (if tomatoes are ripe this time is very short). You can peel them now easily; when peeled cut in cubes.
– Chop onions fine; wash parsley and chop it fine; let mozzarella drip, then cut it into cubes.
– Heat oil in a skillet and fry onions until transparent; add frozen vegetable – fresh vegetable: cut it in small cubes or slices; saute vegetable for 5 minutes; add oregano, salt and pepper; let it cool off.
– Melt butter in a pan; add the flour and saute while mixing until you get a light yellow color.
– Add milk slowly, stir until sauce thickens and is smooth.
– Fill in the broth and let simmer covered for 5 minutes. Then mix in Parmesan cheese.
– Use a flat fire proof form and cover the bottom with some sauce;
– Make layers with the lasagne leaves, the vegetable and mozzarella cubes, and complete with sauce. Make these layers until the form is full. Always end with a sauce and mozzarella.
– Place lasagne in the cold oven and bake it for 45 minutes on 220 degrees C or 425 degrees F.

Enjoy it with green lettuce.

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