Super Simple Pepper Appetizer

super simple pepper appetizer

These super Simple Pepper Appetizer will surprise your party guests. The little appetizers look like boats and some call them “pepper boats”. They are easy to make and can be kept in the fridge for some hours – perfect for a party or event….

German Vegetable Lasagne – Vegetarian Recipe

Like in every country, lasagne is also very popular in Germany, and we have a special recipe for  this dish. I guess every country has this basic Italian dish adapted and made its own version of it. Learn today how to make the German…

New Years Eve Party Recipe Ideas: Lucky Piglets Pastry

New Years eve Party Recipe Ideas: Lucky Piglets Pastry for the “German Silvesterparty” – it’s a recipe for the New Years Eve celebration. New Years Eve is been celebrated in many countries and you can create a New Years Eve party with some unusual…