Halloween Recipes: Green Punch

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Germany has come up with some great Halloween recipes. Since many hears Halloween is celebrated in Germany the same way like in the USA. For your Halloween party you need great beverages that are scary looking. This is such a recipe.
Invite all the ghosts and gargoyles and serve them the green-ghostly looking punch. It is non-alcoholic. Include some snakes and spiders so they have something to chew! Make sure they drink it.
brown or raw sugar
1 lemon
1 l orange juice
200ml pineapple juice
crushed ice
blue eatable color or sirup (plum or blueberry)
1 can pineapple
1 can mandarins
1 can cherries
gummy spiders or snakes

Cooking Instruction
– add sugar into the bowl until the bottom is covered.
– squeeze the lemon.
– mix orange, pine apple and lemon juice with crushed ice in a shaker.
– if you are using eatable color mix it in now.
– Mix everything thoroughly until foamy then add it into the punch bowl.
– it should be ghostly greenish now!
– now add the fruit (without the liquid, rinse it) – if you are using sirup (alcohol would be Blue Curacao) add it when everything is in the punch bowl. You can create an awesome effect when you stir carefully after some time and the green color will rise to the top.
– hang around the edge of the punch bowl some gummy snakes or spiders. When they are in contact with the punch they will increase the size.

Happy Halloween!

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