Halloween Recipes: Vampire Blood Punch


Are you looking for Halloween recipes with alcohol? Here is a great Halloween recipe from Germany. It’s an ancient recipe from Dracula’s cook who died in a tragic way because he was a victim of a plot against Dracula. After a party where he served this punch for the first time the mob got him the next day and kept him for hours in the sunlight until he died.  Why did they get him? Good question. He was so drunk that he fell asleep on the kitchen stairs instead in his coffin. That’s why vampires love it so much. But also regular normal blood suckers won’t say not to this drink. Make sure you’ve got enough. With this punch your Halloween party will become a legend – don’t forget to check your blood pressure afterwards!

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Ingredients Halloween Recipes Vampire Blood Punch

2 l grape juice (red) unsweetened and pure
1.5l white rum or Martini Bianco (Italian white Vermouth)
0.5l Tequila
little bit of lemon juice (a splash)
gelatine (optional) Dr. Oetker Gold extra Gelatine Sheets – 10 g

Instructions Halloween recipes Vampire Punch

– If you use gelatine (it is supposed to make the liquid a bit thicker, remember it is a blood punch!) soak it in water per  instructions on the package.
– Add juice and alcohol into a punch bowl (one like a pumpkin head or a hollow pumpkin would look great!)
– Add gelatine until you have a slightly thick liquid, should look somehow like blood.
– Add sugar if needed and the lemon juice.

Serve it to thirsty vampires and mean blood suckers preferably in cold skull glasses (normal glasses will do too).

Alternative to gelatine is agar agar powder; it thickens liquids and is all natural.
Add double amount of grape juice so it won’t be too strong.
Add a frozen hand to chill the punch.
Fill the punch in syringes and serve them on silver trays.
Add sour cherries because they are dark red and look good in the punch.


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