German Christmas Apple Cake with the Spices we Love

holiday christmas apple cake

There is an apple cake for every season in Germany.  The Holiday Christmas Apple cake is a special apple cake just for Christmas. The combination of walnuts, cocoa and apples is delicious. This is an original recipe from Germany. Your family and friends will love this cake. Happy Baking!

Ingredients Christmas Apple Cake

250 g butter, very soft
200 g sugar
0.3 oz vanilla sugar (1 package) – How to make Vanilla Sugar –
4 eggs
250 g flour
0.25 oz baking powder (1/2 package) Dr Oetker
250 g hazelnuts or walnuts, ground
1 tbsp cinnamon
3 medium sized apples
2 tbsp cocoa, unsweetened
3 tbsp dark rum or rum flavor
powdered sugar

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Finally a Shortcrust Baking mix – German Mürbeteig – for Making Cookies

cookie baking mix

Baking Instructions Christmas Apple Cake

  • Melt butter but don’t let it get warm. Beat until bubbly.
  • Add slowly sugar and vanilla sugar, eggs one after the other while mixing.
  • Mix baking powder with flour, add cinnamon, cocoa and nuts.
  • Combine with dough spoon by spoon.
  • Peel apples, grate them, combine with rum and let sit for 15 min.
  • Mix apples carefully with dough by using a spatula.
  • Fill in greased spring form (8 or 10 inches).
  • Bake in pre-heated oven for about 80 min on 350F (175C).
  • Layer top with powdered sugar on cooled off cake.

Add 100 g Marzipan that is cut into very small cubes.
Instead of hazelnuts add 100 g ground almonds


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