How to make Vanilla Pudding – German Custard Dessert

German vanilla pudding

Find out today how to make vanilla pudding or custard – In Germany we use vanilla pudding a lot in the making of cakes and pastries or just as a dessert.
Dr. Oetker produces a pudding powder that is convenient but they flavor it with artificial flavors for the USA. This recipe is the alternative to Dr. Oetker pudding which is not available at regular American supermarkets. You can get it only at special German or international stores or buy it online.  With this recipe you can make the vanilla pudding in your kitchen. This is a proven recipe! Happy Cooking!

Ingredients German Vanilla Pudding

1 vanilla bean
500 ml milk
60-70 g (2-3 tbsp) sugar (or to taste)
3 egg yolk
30 g corn starch
1 dash salt

Pudding without Artificial Flavors – Made in Germany

german vanilla pudding

Cooking Instructions

– With a knife remove the seeds of the vanilla bean, add it to the milk (with the bean) and bring to a boil. Let cool off a bit.
– Remove the vanilla bean.
– Meanwhile mix egg yolk with powdered sugar; with a hand mixer beat for at least 3 min until it is thick and creamy, then add the starch. If it should be too thick add 5 tbsp of the milk to make it more liquid.
– Add the cream to the milk, stir frequently and bring to a boil on medium heat. The milk should not be hot otherwise the eggs would get flaky. The milk should also not stick to the bottom of the pan.
– Serve the pudding in small bowls or use it for making a cake.

Optional: Beat the egg whites until very firm and fold it with a spoon to the cooled off pudding.

– If you want to use it as a dessert place in each bowl fresh strawberries or raspberries and add a layer of pudding on top.
– Add all natural almond baking oil for a nice almond taste.
– Make a raspberry sauce and serve it upside down on a plate.

german vanilla pudding

Instructions Raspberry Sauce

Use fresh or frozen raspberries, puree them with a stick mixer. Place into a sieve, put sieve on top of a bowl. Then press content through the sieve, seeds will remain in the sieve.
Add powdered sugar to taste, whisk very well. Refrigerate for 1 hour.


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