German Potato Dumplings Half and Half

potato dumplings half and half

The Potato dumplings half and half are called that way because you use raw and cooked potatoes to make them. We call them in German “Kartoffelknödel halb und halb”. In Germany potato dumplings are used as a side dish for any meat dishes that contain a gravy such as Goulash, beef or pork roast or Rouladen (beef rolls). If you ever wanted to make half and half dumplings, now you can make them easily. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Potato Dumplings Half and Half

1 kg potatoes (floury type) – 2.2 lb
125 g flour – 1 cup
2 small eggs
1,5 liter water – 1.5qt

The Most Popular Potato Dumplings in a Box

Cooking Instructions Potato Dumplings Half and Half

– Peel potatoes and cook half of them.
– Grate remaining potatoes and squeeze them in a kitchen cloth so all liquid gets out.
– Mix raw potatoes with 100g flour.
– Let boiled potatoes cool off a bit then squeeze them through a potato press.
– Add them to raw potatoes and add eggs and salt, mix thoroughly.
– With floury hands make dumplings of diameter 5 cm or 2 inches; rill them a bit in flour.
– Bring salty water to  a boil and place dumplings in the pot; reduce heat and let them soak for 20 minutes, don’t bring to a boil.
– Take out with a slotted spoon and keep in a warm bowl before serving.

Serving Example: Roasted Goose with Dumplings and Gravy

dumplings with roasted goose

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