Sauerkraut Pasta Gratin – Authentic German Recipe

Sauerkraut Pasta Gratin might sound like an unusual dish but it is worth it to try. Some people are skeptical about the combination of Sauerkraut and pasta but it is a good combination. If you might think that this cannot be a German recipe, let me assure you, it is an original proven German recipe. The wide ribbon pasta can be found at Trader Joe’s. But you can use another pasta (or egg noodles) as well such as fettuccine, buccatini or thick spaghetti. Happy Cooking!

sauerkraut pasta gratin

Ingredients Sauerkraut Pasta Gratin

500 g ribbon pasta or similiar pasta
1 medium onion
1 garlic clove
1 tbsp butter
100 g smoked ham or Speck (German bacon)
200 g cooked ham
500 g Sauerkraut (jar)
200 g grated Parmesan or Swiss cheese (Emmenthaler)
1/4 cup heavy cream, black pepper, dash oregano

Cooking Instructions Sauerkraut Pasta Gratin

– boil pasta per instructions, drain them.
– peel garlic and onion, chop fine.
– cut ham and Speck in cubes.
– saute onions and garlic in butter, add ham and Speck, then add Sauerkraut.
– spice with salt, black pepper to taste, if you like add some caraway seeds.
– boil for some minutes on low -medium heat.
– grate cheese if necessary.
– layer a fire proof form with Sauerkraut, pasta and cheese; add black pepper and oregano to heavy cream; pour heavy cream over the gratin.
– bake in pre-heated oven on 400 F for about 30 min (200C).
– if you like sprinkle it with some chopped chives.

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2 Comments on “Sauerkraut Pasta Gratin – Authentic German Recipe

  1. What is so strange about Sauerkraut w/pasta? We have it all the time. In fact, we celebrated the first cool days of fall with the first sauerkraut dinner of the season tonight. We call it Sauerkraut und Spätzle. It was my favorite meal at home as a child. When I prepared it for my husband for the first time, it became his favorite meal, and my grown children have convinced their non-German in-laws that it is the best meal ever!