Super Simple Pepper Appetizer

super simple pepper appetizer

These super Simple Pepper Appetizer will surprise your party guests. The little appetizers look like boats and some call them “pepper boats”. They are easy to make and can be kept in the fridge for some hours – perfect for a party or event. Try them out at your next occasion and you will see. They will be gone very fast! Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Super Simple Pepper Appetizer

(serves 4)
1 Pepper red, 1 green, 1 yellow
200 g Cream cheese
2 tbsp lemon juice
100 g heavy cream
3 tbsp almond slices
1 tbsp chopped chives
pepper, salt to taste
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Cooking Instructions Super Simple Pepper Appetizer

– Cut peppers in half, remove seeds and white skin; then cut each half in three parts.
– Mix cream cheese with lemon juice until smooth.
– Add black pepper, salt to taste.
– Beat heavy cream until firm and mix it with the cream cheese.
– Roast thin almond slices in a pan until they are golden brown (without any butter or oil on medium heat).
– Let them cool off.
– Cut chives in small pieces.
– Fill cream cheese in a decorating bag and fill the peppers with the cream.
– Decorate with almond slices and chives.
Keep cool before serving.

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