Cucumber Salmon Appetizer – German Finger Food

cucumber salmon appetizer

Our cucumber Salmon appetizer is yummy finger food the German way. It’s a delicious  appetizer for the holidays but also for any party that needs some finger food. These little bites make a great addition for a cold buffet. It’s an authentic German recipe,…

Super Simple Pepper Appetizer

super simple pepper appetizer

These super Simple Pepper Appetizer will surprise your party guests. The little appetizers look like boats and some call them “pepper boats”. They are easy to make and can be kept in the fridge for some hours – perfect for a party or event….

German Ham Rolls with Sauerkraut Filling

You can make so many different dishes with Sauerkraut. It is a popular ingredient for dishes such as the German Ham Rolls with Sauerkraut Filling. The ham rolls are an awesome appetizer or finger food for a dinner party, a TV evening or just…