Turkey Leftover Recipe

Turkey leftover recipe – that’s what we do in Germany with turkey leftovers: This German Turkey recipe is a stir fry that means you cook everything in one skillet and fry it for a short time only. The recipe is using pears because pears (or pine apple) are a good combination with chicken or turkey.
The stir fry is an easy to make dish and it takes only 35 minutes to make it. Happy Cooking!

turkey leftover recipe

Ingredients (serves 4)
500 g thin slices turkey or leftover pieces
salt, pepper, 2 tbsp flour
4 onions
1 lemon
400 g ripe and firm pears
50 g clarified butter
200 ml chicken bouillon (broth)
120 g cream cheese
1/2 bunch fresh marjoram  or 1-2 tbsp dried

Cooking Instructions Turkey Leftover Recipe

– Cut turkey in thin stripes, add salt and pepper.
– Place it into a bowl and mix it with the flour; the meat should be covered everywhere with flour.
– Peel onions, peel them in a way that all the skins keep together at the root part of the onion.
– then cut them in 6 quarters.
– Grate lemon peel, juice it.
– Cut pears in halves, remove seeds and core, then cut it in 1/2 inch thick quarters; mix them right away with the lemon juice or they will get dark.
– Heat clarified butter  in a skillet, fry onions on all sides until light brown; take them off.
– Let pears drip in a sieve over  a bowl, keep the juice.
– Add pears with ghee into the skillet and fry them for 2-3 minutes, take them off.
– Heat ghee and add 250 g turkey  and while turning the pieces, fry it for 3 minutes. Fry remaining meat the same way.
– Add already fried turkey, lemon peel, onions and pear juice to the turkey in the skillet, mix it well, then add broth and cream cheese, cover it and bring it to a boil; on low heat let it simmer for 5 minutes.
– From fresh marjoram take off the leaves and chop them. Mix it with the turkey stir fry.

Serve it with boiled potatoes.

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