Fried Egg Easter Muffins – So German

german Easter muffins

Surprise your friends and family with these delicious fried egg Easter muffins – they are just right for the Easter spring celebration. The muffins are easy to make and will make your family, friends or guests smile. We like these muffins because you can…

German Easter Cake

german easter cake

The German Easter Cake is an easy to make cake with a light and moist filling containing raisins or alternatively sour cherries. Originally the recipe is from Switzerland but it became quite popular in Germany as well. The recipe is using fine semolina, and…

Easter Lamb Cake Sweetened with Honey

german easter lamb cake

One traditional German cake for Easter is the Easter lamb cake. To make this special cake you would need a special baking lamb form, and we found some on Amazon. It’s basically a cake similar to a pound cake, so you could vary it…

German Easter Cake Fried Egg Style – Spiegeleikuchen

german easter cake

This German easter cake fried egg style will make your family smile. You can use apricots or peaches for the cake which mimic the fried egg. Keep in mind using peaches will make the “fried egg” look bigger! It’s a proven recipe from Germany….