Raspberry Chocolate Cake

raspberry chocolate cake

The raspberry chocolate cake is super easy to make and is a great cake for baking beginners. You can use different fruit such as blueberries or apricots. Of course fresh fruit would be the best but it works very well with frozen fruit too….

Strawberry Zebra Cake Recipe – Authentic German

german cake recipe

When you find strawberries in abundance it’s time to get this German Strawberry Zebra Cake recipe. An authentic German recipe  which makes an awesome spring and summer fruit cake that you will love. This cake is easy to make and even baking beginners will…

Super Easy German Fruit Cake – Authentic Recipe

Here is a super easy German fruit cake that can be made within minutes. We call the base cake (it’s like a sponge cake) in German a “Tortenboden” and the entire cake would be an “Obstkuchen”. You don’t have to be a master baker…

Swabian Apple Cake – Authentic German Recipe

swabian apple cake

The Swabian apple cake is a cake from the South of Germany, the region around Stuttgart. You can find the lady finger cookies at Trader Joes, Big Lots or in special international stores or the international food section in US supermarkets. This is a…

German Baumkuchen Recipe – Most Special Cake

german baumkuchen recipe

Find out today how to make the most special cake there is. We found an authentic German Baumkuchen recipe that is called in English “tree cake” because of all the layers as you can see in a tree. It is a heavenly cake! In…

German Hazelnut Cake

german hazelnut cake

This German Hazelnut Cake is very easy to make! If you don’t have much time this is the cake to make. You can use a loaf bread form, a bundt cake or round wreath from, all the forms are suitable (see on the bottom)….

German Profiteroles – Windbeutel A German Specialty

german windbeutel cream puffs profiteroles

German Profiteroles or Windbeutel in German are a German specialty. The origin of both the pastry and its name profiterole are obscure. It was introduced in France by Caterina de’ Medici, wife of Henry II of France, who brought from Tuscany several recipes, including…

Chocolate Pear Cake – Authentic German Recipe

chocolate pear cake

The Chocolate pear cake is an original German cake and is very easy to bake. If you don’t have the packaged vanilla sugar you can make it yourself – See Recipe below OR click here.  The recipe is also using egg liquor which you…