German Bread Sticks – With Sesame, Caraway Seeds

german bread sticks

Learn today how to make German bread sticks like we make them in Germany. You can sprinkle them with caraway or sesame seeds, salt or poppy seeds, grated cheese or sunflower seeds. There are many variations. These bread sticks taste different than the ones…

Sweet Bread Rhineland Style – Authentic German

Sweet Bread Rhineland Style

This Sweet Bread Rhineland Style is very popular in the Rhineland and they call it “Butterstuten”. It is a sweet bread with raisins made out of a yeast dough. Awesome for breakfast with butter and jam. I am sure you will love this sweet…

German Potato Rolls – From Scratch

german potato rolls

Learn today how to make German potato rolls from scratch. These rolls have a wonderful crust and they are fluffy inside, just as we love rolls in Germany. The ideal way is to create a flower bread (see photo) instead of a whole bread…

German Golden Toast Bread – Best Toast Bread

german golden toast bread

Do you know the Golden toast bread? The was first toast bread in Germany, and it started in 1963. The German Golden Toast bread is unfortunately not available here in the USA. The good thing is, we found a recipe for making this bread….

Easter Sweet Bread Wreath – Authentic German

Easter sweet bread wreath

Germany has some special Easter specialties, and one is the Easter Sweet Bread Wreath. It is decorated  with three hard boiled and colored eggs, and makes a great sweet bread for the Easter table. Easter is the time for good food, like lamb, cakes…

German Pumpernickel Bread


Today learn “How to make German Pumpernickel Bread’.  Pumpernickel is also called” Black Bread” in German or “Schwarzbrot”. It is a very healthy bread and very popular in Germany. In the USA it is available in certain supermarkets from the brand Rubschlager or Dimpflmaier….

German Brotchen or Semmeln like from Germany

German Brotchen, or Brötchen (Bavarian: Semmeln) in German, are without exaggerating the best! Everyone who has visited Germany knows that these rolls are super delicious. They are part of every good German breakfast and, of course, they need to be fresh. A fresh Broetchen…

German Apple Bread – German Fruit Bread

german apple bread

The German Apple bread is a nice alternative to fruit bread, it does not contain eggs. The recipe is proven from my sister-in-law and I had the pleasure to taste it myself! I watched her making it so it’s a proven German recipe. But…