German Wheat Rye Bread – Authentic Recipe

german wheat rye bread

This German Wheat Rye bread is made out of 3 different kinds of flour. The two types of flour most commonly used for bread in Germany are wheat flour Type 1050 and rye flour Type 1180.
Special flour types are not available in US supermarkets but are quite common in Germany. Also yeast is used fresh and here in the USA the dry yeast is more common. Check out this website to find a retailer who sells fresh yeast: – Find Fresh Yeast –
In general, always use UNBLEACHED FLOUR and not self-rising flour.

Find more information ALL ABOUT YEAST

US                                        Germany
white rye                               Typ 997
medium rye                         Typ 1150 or 1370
rye meal (pumpernickel)   feiner Roggenschrot  (fine crushed grain)
rye chops (cracked rye)     grober Roggenschrot  (coarse crushed grain)

For many mixed rye/wheat breads one of the medium rye is used (Typ 1150 or 1370) – Find more info here: All About German Flour

German Bread Made Easy – Imported from Germany

German bread from Germany

Ingredients German Wheat Rye Bread

150 g rye flour Typ 1370 – US medium rye
350 g wheat flour, Typ 550 – US All purpose
500 g wheat flour, Typ 1050 oder 1200 – first clear flour – Find it at King Arthur –

Information for First Clear Flour
First clear flour is what remains after milling patent flour, giving it a darker color and higher mineral content. Traditionally, Jewish bakeries used first clear flour to bake their rye breads – the protein in first clear balances the lack of gluten in rye flour to give rye breads loftier rise and better chew. Combine first clear flour with flours that typically produce denser loaves (like whole wheat, rye, or spelt). It’ll improve the rise and final texture of your baked goods.

800 g water
10 g yeast, fresh – see table for dry yeast – All about yeast –
20 g salt

Baking Instructions German Wheat Rye Bread

– Combine all flours, and mix well.
– Mix yeast with 200 g water and some flour to make the pre-dough,
– Let rest for 2 hours (cover the bowl with a clean kitchen towel).
– Knead pre-dough with remaining ingredients until you have a  smooth dough.
–  Let raise for 1.5 hours.
– Fold the dough  every 30 min.
– Pre-heat oven to 240 C or 460 F (yes, this is correct, you will reduce the heat after 10 min; high heat is needed at the beginning to get a nice crust, you can even go higher with the heat but never forget to reduce it!).
– Divide dough in 2 pieces of same size and with some flour shape each of them round – so you will get 2 loafs.
– Place them on a baking tray and bake for 10 min then reduce heat to 200 C or 390 F.
– Bake for another 50 min.


How to Fold the Starter-Dough

How to Get a Round Bread – Use the Technique “Rundwirken”


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