German Leek Soup with Ground Beef

leek soup with ground meat

The leek soup with ground beef is a wonderful combination and makes a delicious German soup. It is nice for any season though some say it is a typical winter soup as leek normally is available during the winter months. Well, not anymore. Try it out, you will love it. This German soup does not need any special ingredients only the cooking cheese. I could not find a neutral cooking cheese so using heavy cream or some cream cheese works well too. In Germany we would use the little cheese wedges from brands such as “Hochland or Milkana”. US super markets carry similar cheese wedges from the Laughing Cow,  Sonoma Jacks or the Irish Kerrygold. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Leek Soup with Ground Beef

300 g ground meat (beef or half beef and pork)
1 medium size onion
2 tbsp bacon, cut in cubes
clarified butter or cooking oil for frying
2 leeks
2 medium size potatoes
200 g cheese wedges (Schmelzkäse), alternatively cream cheese or heavy cream
2 tbsp sour cream
600 ml vegetable broth instant or How to make Vegetable Broth –
salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste

german fried potatoes

Cooking Instructions Leek Soup with Ground Beef

– Peel onion and chop fine.
– Melt clarified butter, add onions and bacon; fry for 1-2 minutes (if the bacon has a lot of fat you don’t need to add additional oil or butter).
– Add ground meat and brown it briefly. Stirring frequently.
– Prepare leek and cut in fine slices, make sure to get out all the sand that is in between the layers.
– Add leek to the meat, fill up with broth.
– Peel potatoes and cut in small cubes; add to meat.
– Let simmer for about 20 min on low heat.
– Add cheese or heavy cream and sour cream, then spice to taste.

Serve with fresh bread.

For a meatless variation use 2-3 carrots instead of meat.  Cut them in small slices and cook in the broth.
Add croutons before serving.
Serve with fresh buns or baguette bread.

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