German Cherry Plunder Pastry

plunder pastry with sour cherries

Find out how to make the German Cherry Plunder pastry that can be found in every German bakery.  In Germany these pastries are made fresh daily. They can be made with vanilla pudding, quark with jam (raspberry, apricot) or assorted fruit on top. If…

German Mini Cherry Streusel Cake

mini cherry cake

If you don’t know what cake to bake but you are in a baking mood, just use this recipe and make the mini Cherry Streusel cake. It’s an authentic German recipe from FB friend Gisele Myers (picture credit). Happy Baking! Ingredients Mini Cherry Streusel…

Cherry Crumble Cake – German Streusel Cake

german cherry crumble cake

The Cherry crumble cake is a popular German “Streuselkuchen” made out of a shortcrust dough and a sour cherry filling. It is very easy to make and baking beginners will love it. You need sour cherries in a jar which are sold at stores…

Bundt Cake Recipe from Scratch

Bundt Cake recipe from scratch is an easy German cake that everyone can bake. It is an ideal coffee cake that everyone will love.