Walnut Rings Christmas Cookies

Walnut rings Christmas cookies are easy to make and as you can see on the photo they are combined with another German Christmas cookie: Filled Honey Ring Cookies – Find the recipe for the Filled Honey Ring Cookies here – They are a nice addition for your Christmas Cookie Platter.
Do you know that you can make vanilla sugar at home? It is very easy. The photo below shows 2 different cookies; The walnut rings are on the left, the other cookies are filled honey cookies.
Go to the recipe How to make Vanilla sugar – Happy Baking!

walnut rings

Ingredients Walnut Rings

150 g butter, soft, room temperature
175 g powdered sugar
1 package vanilla sugar, 0.5oz
2 egg yolks
Juice and zest of 1/2 organic orange
2-3 tbsp heavy cream
2 tbsp Kirsch Schnaps (optional)
350 g flour
walnut halves for decoration

Baking Instructions Walnut Rings

– Mix butter, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar and egg yolks and beat until foamy.
– Add orange juice and zest, heavy cream and Kirsch Schnaps.
– Sieve the flour on top and knead until you get a smooth dough.
– Make rings on a baking tray layered with parchment paper.
– Place on each ring one half of a walnut.
– Bake in pre-heated oven on 180 C or 350 F for 10-12 min.
– Let cool off on a baking grid.

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