Jan 182016
German Strawberry Cremeschnitten

German Strawberry Cremeschnitten – This original German cake recipe is a variation of the classic Cremeschnitte, we just add strawberries and it is a new cake.  It is made with phyllo dough which is on the bottom and top of the cake. In between there is a creamy layer of pudding, heavy cream and strawberries. … read more …

Jun 072014
German Strawberry Ice Cream Cup

German Strawberry Ice cream cup is what you get in every ice cream parlor (Eisdiele in Germen) in Germany. They are everywhere. Every little German city has a “Eisdiele”. Of course summer time brings fresh strawberries and this ice cream cup is so delicious that you can’t resist. It’s a wonderful dessert or just for … read more …

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Jul 032013
Strawberry Zebra Cake Recipe

The Strawberry Zebra Cake recipe is from Germany and it is an awesome summer fruit cake that you will love for sure. It is easy to make and even for baking beginners. It is called “Zebra” Cake because of the dark and light biscuit. If you like you can decorate the top of the cake … read more …

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May 102013
Mother's Day Heart Cake

Mother’s Day is the day of cakes and flowers. The mother’s day heart cake is easy to make and you don’t need special German ingredients. Surprise your mom with this cake! Celebrate Muttertag with a German Cake. Happy Baking! Ingredients Mother’s Day Heart Cake 150 g butter 150 g sugar 2 packages vanilla sugar 2 … read more …

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Jun 182012
Strawberry Mousse

The strawberry season has started and there are plenty recipes with strawberries. Try this one and you will become addicted to it! Happy Cooking. Ingredients 750 g strawberries 3 tbsp orange juice 120 g sugar 450 g yoghurt (the best is home made with a mix of half and half and milk) 9 sheets gelatine 400 g heavy cream … read more …

Mar 272012
Strawberry Dessert with Mango Sauce

Are you looking for an extravagant dessert? This one is not just extravagant, it has an exotic touch and will melt on your tongue. In Germany strawberries are used in many cakes and dessert recipes. As the strawberry season is coming up – in California we have them already since weeks in the shelves – … read more …