German Coconut Macaroons – Best Christmas Cookies

German coconut macaroons

The German Coconut Macaroons are very popular Christmas Cookies and so easy to make, that everyone can try to be a baker. You can buy them in every German supermarket and bakery. The recipe below is a universal recipe which can be altered to make hazelnut or almond macaroons. Just make sure that the egg white is very firm and you wold use unsweetened coconut. These are the best macaroons for sure. Find the recipe for the hazelnut macaroons below. Happy Baking!

Find more information about how to make macaroons: Christmas Bakery – Macaroons

Ingredients German Coconut Macaroons

3 egg whites
100 g fine sugar (confection) or powdered sugar
1 package vanilla sugar 0.3 oz-Click here to get it – How to make Vanilla Sugar –
1 tsp honey (optional)
juice from 1 lemon
2 tbsp or 50 g flour (optional)
200 g fine-medium shredded coconut unsweetened
Backoblaten 40mm – thin wafers as needed (optional)

Find Backoblaten here
german christmas cookies macaroons

Baking Instructions

– Beat egg whites very firm, and slowly add the sugar, vanilla sugar and lemon juice until the egg white is shiny.
– Mix grated coconut with flour and add to the dough. Mix well.
– Place little heaps on the Oblaten (German wafers) or without on a tray layered with Parchment paper. You can decorate the macaroons with a nut or pistachio.
– Bake on 300 F for about 10 minutes, they coconut macaroons should not get brown and always stay light. They get brown fast. When you see that place them on the lower grid in the oven.

For hazelnut/almond macaroons use 200 g ground almonds or ground hazelnuts, and decorate with hazelnuts or pistachios.
You can melt dark chocolate and dip the bottom of the macaroons in it. Or drip some chocolate lines over the macaroons. Very nice combination!

cocont macaroons baking mix

Go to the Recipe for Hazelnut Macaroons


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2 Comments on “German Coconut Macaroons – Best Christmas Cookies

  1. We don’t have pre-packaged vanilla sugar here in Texas, unless I order it from a specialty store. If I were to substitute plain sugar and vanilla extract, how much would I use?

    Love your recipes!

  2. Don’t know. I always use Dr. Oetker vanilla sugar. You can order it online. go to shop on my site / it will direct you. Will post a recipe soon to make your own vanilla sugar.