German Holiday Dessert – For Your Festive Menu

german holiday dessert

The German Holiday Dessert is the perfect ending for a German Christmas dinner. You need Lebkuchen, sour cherries and quark. Lebkuchen can be made – Go to the Recipe for Lebkuchen here – or you can find them at Aldi or Cost Plus (if…

German Pear Dessert – Pear Helene

German pear dessert

Are you looking for a festive dessert? A dessert that will compliment your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? Try the German pear dessert that is based on the French recipe for Pear Helene. It consists of poached pears combined with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and…

Pear Dessert with Escorial – German Liquor

German pear dessert with Escorial

Today we feature a special liquor that can be used in a one of kind dessert: The Pear dessert with Escorial.  It’s a special dessert indeed.  Find out that Escorial is below. What is Escorial? Escorial “The Ultimate Herbal Liqueur” produced from secret selected…

German Homemade Apple Sauce

german homemade apple sauce

The German homemade apple sauce can be used as a side dish for many other German dishes such as “Reibekuchen” (potato pancakes) or Kaiserschmarrn (see recipes at the end of the recipe). In Germany we call it “Apfelmus”. The apple sauce is so easy…

Plum Compote from Austria – Authentic Recipe

german plum compote

The Plum compote from Austria is called  “Zwetschgenröster” in Austria. It is the traditional side dish that goes with  the popular “Kaiserschmarrn”, a sweet Austrian pan dish that is also well known in Germany.  In Germany we make compote (Kompott) almost from every fruit….

Bavarian Fried Apple Rings in Beer Dough

bavarian apple rings

This is a delicious dessert from the South of Germany: Bavarian Fried Apples Rings in Beer Dough served with a delicious cinnamon sauce or alternatively with a vanilla sauce. This is a traditional and classic Bavarian recipe and it is recommended to use German…

Cherry Cream Dessert – Authentic German Recipe

cherry cream dessert

The Cherry Cream dessert is a delicious combination of sour cherries, heavy cream, and Kirsch Schnaps. In the South of Germany, especially in the Black Forest,  you can get the best Kirsch Schnaps and sour cherries. These cherries can be found in many German…

German Pudding Cherry Dessert

German Pudding Cherry Dessert

The classic German dessert is pudding which is a kind of custard but not quite the same. Because it’s cherry season I am featuring a German Pudding Cherry Dessert that you can make using Dr Oetker pudding from the package or make it from…