German Cinnamon Star Cookies – Classic Christmas Specialty

german cinnamon star cookies

The German Cinnamon Star cookies are wonderful German Christmas cookies. The Cinnamon Stars are traditional Christmas cookies and the recipe is easy to make. You can buy them in almost every German bakery before Christmas. Unfortunately not in the USA but you always can…

German Christmas Cookies: Linzer Hearts

German Christmas Cookies Linzer Hearts (or Linzer Herzen in German) are the cookie variation from the Linzer Cake. This German Christmas cookie recipe is similar to the cake as raspberry jam is used for the filling. They are very easy to make and colorful….

Hazelnut Christmas Cookies from Trier

hazelnut christmas cookies from trier

Hazelnut Christmas Cookies from Trier – traditional and famous recipe for hazelnut cookies as they make them in the German city Trier. They sell them every year at the Christmas market. Here is the recipe so you can get a piece of the “German…

Spitzbuben Cookies – German Christmas Tradition

german spitzbuben cookies

Spitzbuben cookies are a traditional German Christmas cookie and some call them “Johannes Taler” or “Hildabrötle” or “Linzer Augen”. The name might come from the war that lasted 30 years, from 1618-1648, when food was rare and people did not have much to eat….

Ice Crystal Cookies – German Christmas Cookie

Christmas in Germany comes with delicious cookies and cakes. Here is a Christmas cookie recipe that is imitating snow flakes, the Ice crystal cookies. The cookies are shaped like ice crystals or snow flakes. These cookies will be the center piece of attraction on…