Authentic German Cheese Cake Recipe

german cheese cake

Authentic German Cheese Cake recipe: Are you looking for an original and authentic German recipe for cheese cake? You found the right recipe among all recipes that you can find online. This recipe is authentic German.  The German Cheese Cake or “Käsekuchen” is one…

German Christmas Apple Cake with the Spices we Love

holiday christmas apple cake

There is an apple cake for every season in Germany.  The Holiday Christmas Apple cake is a special apple cake just for Christmas. The combination of walnuts, cocoa and apples is delicious. This is an original recipe from Germany. Your family and friends will…

Holiday Baked Apples – Authentic German Recipe

holiday baked apples

Fall and winter is the time for this sweet and delicious dessert: German Holiday Baked Apples. When making this German dish you will notice the irresistible apple flavor throughout your kitchen. It smells like holidays!  Enjoy this authentic German dish as a dessert or…

Gluhwein and Stollen – Two German Holiday Recipes

gluhwein stollen

When the days get shorter and the temperatures are low, this is the time for Gluhwein and Stollen. These traditional German holiday items can be found on any Christmas market and especially during the Advent time. Find two recipes – one for making Glühwein…

German Marzipan Potatoes or Balls

german marzipan potatoes

There was never a Christmas in my childhood without the classic German Marzipan Potatoes or Balls. They always were part of the Christmas cookie plate on Christmas eve.. And you bet, these were the first that were gone! They are so easy to make….

German Simple Lebkuchen Gingerbread Recipe

German Simple Lebkuchen

Do you love Lebkuchen and are looking for a German Simple Lebkuchen recipe? You found one. This lebkuchen recipe is traditional and classic. Lebkuchen are a symbol of Christmas as it is the only time where they are made. The German simple Lebkuchen recipe…

German Fruit Bread – Best Holiday Recipe

german fruit bread

The German fruit bread is a German holiday specialty and is very easy to make at home. It tastes so good with butter, jam or honey. Great with tea or coffee as well. The only not very common ingredients are  “Citronat” and “Orangeat” which…

10 Best German Cakes for the Holidays

10 best german christmas cakes

Christmas is BIG in Germany because it is celebrated in a special and unique way. A way that is different from all other countries in the world. Germany is true to its traditions, and this is reflecting in its culture, the crafts and the…