Gluhwein and Stollen – Two German Holiday Recipes

gluhwein stollen

When the days get shorter and the temperatures are low, this is the time for Gluhwein and Stollen. These traditional German holiday items can be found on any Christmas market and especially during the Advent time. Find two recipes – one for making Glühwein…

German Marzipan Potatoes or Balls

german marzipan potatoes

There was never a Christmas in my childhood without the classic German Marzipan Potatoes or Balls. They always were part of the Christmas cookie plate on Christmas eve.. And you bet, these were the first that were gone! They are so easy to make….

Original German Butter Stollen Thuringia Style

butter stollen Thuringia style

This recipe for the original butter stollen Thuringia style is an authentic recipe from Germany.  In the region of Thuringia or Thüringen this special stollen is a local specialty for Christmas. It can be named only “Stollen from Thuringia” if there is a certification…

10 Best German Christmas Cookie Recipes

10 best german christmas cookies

Every year in Germany from November to December you can find the most delicious cookies in bakeries and super markets all over the nation. In my opinion Germany has the best selection of Christmas cookies and you can get such cookies only at specific…

German Vanilla Crescents – Classic Christmas Cookie

german vanilla crescents

German Vanilla Crescents are classic and traditional Christmas cookies. They are very easy to make and you don’t need special ingredients, just Vanilla Sugar. This is my favorite of all German Christmas cookies, and the best were from my aunt. They were soft and…

Original Dresdner Stollen – Christmas Specialty

original dresdner stollen

Learn today how to make Original Dresdner Stollen which is a traditional Christmas cake in Germany since centuries,  and this is an authentic German recipe. The “Dresdner Stollen” is popular all over the world.  This German cake has its own history. Have you ever…

German Mandarine Orange Sour Cream Cake

German Mandarine Orange Sour Cream Cake

This is one of my favorite cakes! The delicious cake called German Mandarine Orange Sour Cream Cake – in German we call it Schmandkuchen. “Schmand” is the equivalent to the American sour cream that will be used for this cake. It is used in…

Authentic German Cheese Cake Recipe

german cheese cake

Authentic German Cheese Cake recipe: Are you looking for an original and authentic German recipe for cheese cake? You found the right recipe among all recipes that you can find online. This recipe is authentic German.  The German Cheese Cake or “Käsekuchen” is one…