Leberkase Schnitzel – Liver Cheese Schnitzel

leberkase schnitzel

Leberkaese, or in German Leberkäse, means literally translated “liver cheese”, even though in Bavaria it does not contain any liver at all. Leberkaese is a special sausage meat and very popular in the South of Germany, Bavaria, and Austria. Find out today how to…

German Leberkaese Recipe

homemade leberkase recipe

If you live in the USA or far away from Germany, you know that it is not so easy to find German Leberkaese. But it is so good! Especially with a fresh baked roll. That’s why we found a homemade Leberkaese recipe for you….

Bavarian Fleischkaese Recipe from Scratch

bavarian leberkase

This Bavarian Fleischkaese recipe is an original recipe from Germany. It differs a bit from the other one but it is also is a proven recipe. Don’t forget the ingredients might be a bit different in Germany despite the fact that they have the…

Bavarian Leberkaese Burger Sandwich

german leberkaese burger

Serve the Leberkaese Burger at your Oktoberfest or enjoy it while watching a soccer game. The burger tastes best with a glass of  German beer! Find out how you can make Leberkaese from scratch- Click here – Happy Cooking! Ingredients Leberkaese Burger (4 servings)…

Oktoberfest Leberkaese Pretzel Buns with Cabbage Salad

Today find out how to make the Oktoberfest Leberkaese Meatloaf with Cabbage Salad – A typical Oktoberfest dish that you can find in Munich at the “Wiesen” where you can celebrate the biggest and the THE original Oktoberfest of the world. The main ingredient…

German Potato Leberkaese Pan with Fried Eggs

german potato leberkaese pan

Do you have the possibility to get German Leberkaese or liver cheese in English? If so then this dish is something to look forward: The German Potato Leberkaese Pan with Fried Eggs on top. In case you don’t know where to buy Leberkaese, we…