Apple Turnovers -Apfelmaultaschen Potato Dough

apple turnovers

Apple Turnovers or “Apfelmaultaschen” is a traditional and historic German recipe. The specialty is rumored to have been invented by monks of the German monastery Maulbronn (located in Baden-Würtemberg) to conceal the fact that they were eating meat during lent. The monks hid the…

Bavarian Apple Turnovers – Apfelmaultaschen

bavarian apple turnovers

If you love sweet apple dishes the Bavarian Apple Turnovers, or Apfelmaultaschen, is the dish to make. It can be varied with Italian plums, and it tastes the best when served with a warm vanilla sauce. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Bavarian Apple Turnovers DOUGH 300…

Maultaschen Swabian Pockets Recipe

Maultaschen Swabian Pockets Recipe

Do you know the authentic Maultaschen Swabian Pockets Recipe?  This is a local food specialty from the South of Germany, Swabia, and it’s pockets or ravioli with a meat and/or vegetable filling. The classic filling would be a mix of spinach and ground beef….