Strammer Max – German Open Ham-Egg Sandwich

strammer max

Strammer Max is a very popular dish in Germany that consists out of a slice bread, topped with ham, cheese and a fried egg; some add pickles, radishes, cucumber or tomatoes too.  You would enjoy this dish for supper or for breakfast or brunch….

Bauernfruehstueck – German Farmer Breakfast

farmer breakfast

If you don’t know what a Bauernfruehstueck – German Farmer Breakfast is you will find out now. It’s basically a potato-egg breakfast with other ingredients that can be varied. You can add Salami, ham, bacon, sausages, cheese, veggies etc. This breakfast dish will for…

German Spinach Omelette – Perfect for Breakfast

german spinach omelette

The German Spinach Omelette is a great German egg recipe that you will love.  Did you know that the German lunch consists always of a warm meal? In my childhood dinners were always served cold. If the dinner would consist of some warm dish then…

German Meat Loaf Falscher Hase

German Meat Loaf falscher Hase

The German Meat loaf “Falscher Hase” (which means literally :fake rabbit”) is basically a German meat loaf with hard boiled eggs inside. It can become a decorative Easter dish when you create the rabbits face as shown on the photo. Use bay leaves for…

Poached Eggs in Mustard Sauce – Verlorene Eier

poached eggs in mustard sauce

This German egg dish – Poached eggs in Mustard Sauce – is coming from the good old times when meat was rare or too expensive. It’s a recipe from grandmothers cooking book and what do you know, it’s still popular. It’s called in German…

Eggs in Mustard Sauce

eggs mustard sauce

Eggs in Mustard Sauce is a popular German dish, perfect for a meatless dinner. In Germany we call it “Senfeier”. Serve it with potatoes or rice and vegetables. Important for the sauce is to use butter, flour and milk, this is called in German…

German Egg Salad Sandwich – Healthy Bread Spread

german egg salad sandwich

The German egg salad sandwich is a healthy and easy to make bread spread recipe. It’s an open sandwich or a Belegtes Brot as we say in German. The classic version is a piece of bread or half of a roll plus a spread…

Pepper Fried Eggs – Brunch Recipe

pepper fried eggs

Are you looking for a different way to make fried eggs? You will love this recipe. Simple fried eggs become colorful and are an eye catcher for the brunch table. What a great idea for Easter. No special ingredients needed. Serve with fried potatoes,…