German Liver Dumpling Soup – Bavarian Specialty

bavarian liver dumpling soup

The German liver dumpling soup is a Bavarian Specialty and called in German “Leberknoedelsuppe”. “Knoedel” means dumpling and “Leber” means liver. If you travel to Bavaria one day, don’t forget to try such a soup. It is served in almost every Bavarian Gasthaus (inn)….

Old Fashioned Tomato Soup with Rice

old fashioned tomato soup with rice

The old fashioned tomato soup is a classic and authentic German recipe as it was used by my grandmother. You would add rice to this soup which is a great combination with tomatoes. Important is to use ONLY ripe tomatoes to make this soup….

Sauerkraut Stew with Sausages – Traditional German

Sauerkraut Stew with Sausages

The Sauerkraut stew with sausages makes a a wonderful dish for all seasons but some prefer it in winter and fall. You must try this stew, or “Eintopf” in German, if you love Sauerkraut. The best is to get German Sauerkraut from Hengstenberg or…

German Kohlrabi Soup with Meatballs

kohlrabi soup with meatballs

How to cook Kohlrabi? It is a the popular vegetable in Germany, used as a side dish or for soups. Make this German kohlrabi soup that is especially tasty because we add small fried meatballs to the soup! So the soup that is normally…

Marrow Bone Dumpling Soup – Markklösschensuppe

marrow bone dumpling soup

The Marrow Bone Dumpling Soup is a classic German soup that you will love. The soup consists of two parts which is the beef broth and the marrow bone dumplings. Enjoy this soup as the starter for a festive menu or just as a main dish.

Creamy German Herb Soup Frankfurt Style

creamy german herb soup

What a delicious soup! For the creamy German herb soup Frankfurt style you would use the same herbs as you would use for the popular “Frankfurt Green sauce”, the “Grüne Sosse” – Find the recipe for the Green Sauce here – the combination of…

Creamy Green Asparagus Potato Soup

german green asparagus soup

It can be difficult to find white asparagus in the USA so I decided to find a recipe for a Creamy Green Asparagus Potato Soup. It’s a  delicious soup for Spring and very easy to make. The best is, the soup is super creamy….

German Chervil Soup – Kerbelsuppe

Learn today how to make the German Chervil Soup or “Kerbelsuppe” in German. Chervil is a delicate culinary herb used in the German and general European cuisine. It has a mild flavor with a tiny hint of anise; the leaves are curly and look…