Chicken Fricassee – German Style

chicken fricassee

Have you ever heard of Fricassee? It is a ragout with chicken in a white sauce and several specific vegetables. The classic version only uses chicken, mushrooms and white asparagus. Some recipes are using capers as well. As for typical German dishes, the choice…

German Liver Dumpling Soup – Bavarian Specialty

bavarian liver dumpling soup

The German liver dumpling soup is a Bavarian Specialty and is called in German “Leberknödelsuppe”. “Knödel” means dumpling and “Leber” means liver. If you travel to Bavaria one day, don’t forget to try this soup. It is served in almost every Bavarian Gasthaus (inn)….

German Egg Liqueur Made from Scratch

german egg liqueur

If you ever wanted to find out how to make the German Egg Liqueur, here’s the Recipe. The German Egg liqueur, or “Eierlikoer” in German, is a traditional German liquor that you can buy from Verpoorten, the most popular Dutch brand for egg liqueur….

Dutch Coffee Recipe

dutch coffee recipe

You will like this Dutch coffee recipe as it is using egg liqueur and strong coffee. The egg liqueur is a very popular liqueur in Germany and originally it is a dutch liqueur from Verpoorten. It is used in Germany in quite some cake,…

German Chicken Pasta Stew – Easy Recipe for Eintopf

German Chicken Pasta Stew

Nothing can get wrong with this recipe! The German Chicken Pasta Stew is easy to make and you don’t need any special ingredients. We call it an Eintopf in German. Try out this authentic German recipe and you will love it! Happy Cooking! Ingredients…

Authentic German Kale Soup

German Kale Soup: “Grünkohl” or Kale is a typical German vegetable which is used in many German recipes for seasonal fall or winter recipes. Frozen kale is very convenient for making a soup; use it fresh or frozen, and keep on mind that the cooking time…

German Potato Horseradish Soup

This German Potato horseradish soup is easy to make and inexpensive too! I like the fact that healthy and tasty food does not have to be expensive. It was very common in Germany to serve only meat for the Sunday lunch such as chicken,…

Horseradish Pork Rolls – Authentic German Dish

If you don’t know what to cook for the holidays, or if you want to cook something special, why don’t you try this recipe? In German we call them “Meerrettich Rouladen”; you probably know the famous beef Rouladen, these ones are made with pork…